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The trouble Deciphering Palapa Oath.

Palapa Oath spoken aloud by Gajah Mada centuries ago still can not be interpreted to fit until now . Is ' Palapa ' interpret coconut , or perhaps unknown palapa fruit shape ?

Gajah Mada.

Palapa Oath is found in the Middle Java Pararaton text , which reads ,
Sira Gajah Mada duke Amangkubhumi tan swing amuktia palapa , sira Gajah Mada :
" Seagrass huwus lose archipelago iSun amukti palapa , seagrass Desert lost ring , ring Seran , Tanjung Pura , Haru ring , ring Pahang , Dompo , ring Bali , Sunda , Palembang , Tumasik , Samana iSun amukti palapa " .
" Sira Gajah Mada paptih amangkubumi tan swing amukti palapa , sira Gadjah Mada : Seagrass huwus lose archipelago iSun amukti palapa , seagrass Desert lost ring , ring Seran , Tanjung Pura , Haru ring , ring Pahang , Dompo , ring Bali , Sunda , Palembang , Tumasik , samana iSun amukti palapa . " ( Gajah Mada , Padmapuspita , 1966:38 ) .
Meaning free : Gadjah Mada Mahapatih will not enjoy the palapa , Gadjah Mada said , " for I have not unite the country, I would not enjoy palapa , before I conquer a desert island , the island of Seram , Tanjungpura , Island Haru , Pahang , Dompu , Bali , Sunda , Palembang , and Tumasik , I never tasted palapa
The translation ,
He Gajah Mada Patih Amangkubumi not want to let go of fasting.
He Gajah Mada, " If you have defeated the archipelago, my (new) fast release. If beating Desert , Ceram , Tanjung Pura , Haru , Pahang , Dompo, Bali, Sunda, Palembang, Tumasik, so my ( new ) fast release ".
Similarly, the duke oath aloud Majapahit Empire , Gajah Mada , according Pararaton book . Pledge spoken because of the strong desire to stem the influence of Gajah Mada kingdoms in the Southeast Asian archipelago . Archipelago should be under the power of the kingdom is in it . Not controlled by the other kingdoms in mainland Southeast Asia .
Many experts who interpret the history and culture of the duke oath in a different way . For example , M.Yamin menafsirkanpalapa means Gajah Mada would abstain from having fun before the promise is fulfilled .
While Slamet Muljana , prominent professors with Tafseer History Nagarakretagama so often reference the Majapahit trip , said that amukti palapa means off duty or on leave .
Another interpretation comes from the Old Javanese language experts , PJ Zoetmulder , who tried to peel it from the origin and meaning amukti palapa . According to him , amukti interpreted palapa " ( gets ) endless pleasure . "
" Gajah Mada will receive unequaled pleasure if only the entire archipelago was mentioned in his vow to recognize the authority of Majapahit , " said Zoetmulder .
Lecturer in Archaeology FIB UI Agus Aris Jojo Gajah Mada in Political Biography , mention that there are some people who interpret amukti palapa with
" Eating coconuts , " or " take a palapa fruit . "
" However , if the coconut fruit is very clear , there is a so-called palm fruit . However , ' fruit palapa ' until now no one has to know the form of let alone tasted , " Agus writes .
The conclusion is open to multiple interpretations . It is difficult to interpret the contents of Pararaton as mentioned above .
Gajah Mada itself is one of the great figures in the Majapahit era . Interestingly , there is no literature or inscriptions noting the date of birth but by Pararton Majapahit , he began his career as a Commander in Majapahit Bhayanngkara , an elite unit of the royal army . managed to rescue King Jayanegara mindless rebellion when Ra Kunti circa 1309-1328 AD he was appointed as a duke Kahuripan .
Two years later became Patih Kediri . In 1329 AD , the Majapahit Patih Aryo cistern or better known as Krewes master resigned as Patih and appointed Gajah Mada as Patih .
However , Gadjah Mada does not necessarily blindly accept the job . He was actually willing to be a duke after conquering keta and Sadeng ( rebels ) . Finally managed to extinguish the fire after a rebellion in 1334 Tribhuwana Tunggadewi raised as grand vizier Gajah Mada. Thank you for reading this article .
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