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Reason being single women as Valentine.


Have you ever heard the term valentine? In fact, you may never celebrate. Every February 14, almost all men, especially those in pairs, celebrating Valentine's Day or Valentines Day. Brown and shades of pink paced celebration of today become the main icon of this affection. Everyone seemed to want to devote all his love for loved ones.  A lot of people who are already infected by this valentine fever. Surely we know, a lot of events to welcome this February 14th. Starting from the show on television, the latest movies both foreign and domestic country to the atmosphere around us, for example in shops or malls and also hotels or anywhere else, all willing to welcome this February 14. It is certainly very strong reception seemed occurs in young people or teenagers, as if to make this moment as spillover sense of love and affection to their loved ones, even if the day of love is meant not only to your spouse or girlfriend as the elderly or friend still this moment is so close to the feeling of affection for girlfriend or spouse. However, there are still many people who do not really disturbed daily activities by engaging himself welcome and celebrate this day of love. Because they think it is not so important in their lives. Affection can diluapkan anytime not just wait for February 14.
Valentines Day is indeed synonymous with celebrations in order to share love with your partner. However, many women who chose singles on Valentine's Day with some reason. Some of the reasons women choose for themselves on the day of love it.

Effect of Single Ladies. 

Single Ladies is one of Beyonce's songs are often used as a mecca for women to choose to be single. Moreover, if they understand the deep meaning of the song, it would be very nice.

Utilizing Time for Dress. 

Before dating, women usually beautify themselves with the dress. Dressing up is what sometimes cause problems in relationships. Why is that? Because women can spend hours simply to dress up. Ironically, men do not like to wait for long.
It is utilized that single women to preen as much as possible in a more convenient time. Dress up without waiting would be fun. So, they can look as good as possible to attend the celebration of valentine with her friends.

Do not want to be bothered with Permission. 

If you suddenly get a duty station outside the city or abroad during the celebration of this day of love, single women do not have to ask permission to the couple. It is certainly not easy to do if you have a girlfriend. It certainly should take care of licensing and provide a series of sense to pair that will be left. In fact, the task can be used as a venue for the streets.
Or for most teenagers who are still attending school. It would be difficult for them to get permission from the parents to be able to celebrate this day of love, especially has been known by many parents at this time that the celebration of this day of love has led to many negative things like binge drinking, drugs or sex free. Of course any parent would shield their children in order not to fall on things that harm themselves and their future.

Celebrate Valentine's with a couple lazy. 

Celebrate this day of love as if compulsory as a couple, whereas women prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day with family and friends. They are free to have fun and spend money for shopping without being noted and commented on.
Being a single woman is very pleasant because it is free to do things royal and visited several shops selling interesting items.
Especially for those who do not have a partner during this coming Valentines Day. Of course there will be a deeper feeling lazy today to celebrate.
If you really want to celebrate, it will certainly be confused with whom to celebrate. With friends? Naturally friend who owned will be busy with the celebration of this day of love with their partner. And for those who do not have a spouse will bite the fingers.

Free Sex Fear Happened 

His name is also the day of love, each pair as outlined to get swept up in the celebration of Valentines Day. This is what makes women afraid to do Valentine's Day with a girlfriend, especially if it were alone. Such conditions will usually lead to sex which of course is very detrimental to women. Today is the celebration of the day of love has been equipped and facilitated so easily once for things to happen like this free sex. With an atmosphere that was conditioned between the two people it will be easier for them to do this, especially, at this time many of us, especially among teenagers that far away from the correct understanding of Islam. They only understand Islam limited to worship alone. Or even Islam known only through a two-hour lesson a week in school. Islam is also simply known as one of the subjects in school.
With this fear of God will be eroded. Especially in a society controls also lower. People already think sex is a common thing indeed been done. The culprit did not get legal sanctions in the community. Gossip or isolation from society and not too obvious.
Our society has grown to be more indifferent to the conditions. They have been busy with their own lives without even thinking about what happens in the lives of others.

A complete waste of money. 

To celebrate this day of love, would have done thorough preparation ranging from dress, clothing or gifts for the boyfriend too. Sure it will suck a lot of money from us. Many people who do not want to be preoccupied with things like this. Rather than be used for such things as the celebration of this day of love, of course the money can be used for other things like buying science books to add insight horizon.
In addition to money, this celebration would also be wasting energy and also our time, a lot of things to be prepared. As well as a lot of the time anyway to be used in the celebration of the reception and implementation of this affection.

That view of Valentine's Not Coming from Islam. 

A Muslim is always basing all actions undertaken on the rules contained in Islam. What would be allowed and what is not allowed would be trying not done or abandoned. Because that's what would not be allowed to invite the anger of God, as when doing what is prohibited.
Similar to what is in the celebration of this day of love. When learning about the history of the origin of the emergence of this day of love, of course many Muslims who truly fear God's anger, felt no need to celebrate this day of love.
Because true love this day did not come from the religion of Islam and does not exist in Islam. So it is very clear that many Muslims, especially Muslim women who leave.
That's the reason some women choose singles when February 14 comes. Indeed, culture is the celebration day of love is not including the Indonesian culture. In fact, this tradition was opposed by religion, especially Islam. In addition to intersect with culture, history, and the originator of Valentine's Day, the celebration of the day of love is indeed quite ridiculous. Why is that?
How could love or Valentine's day is only done once a year. Indeed, Valentine's day is every day. In fact, all religions teach their followers to always love others, not only on a specific date. May be useful. So, thank you for reading this article.
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Women beauty.

Special beauty of women. 

The woman is a creature that God created complete with its beauty. Both visual and physical beauty, and beauty of the heart. Both will complement each other. Women will look more beautiful if she uses her well. Although his face was not beautiful, but the beauty of a woman who appears through inner beauty will beautify the looks of a woman by itself.

Beauty of Women, Alloy Weakness and Strength. 

Is a boon to every woman because he was given the advantage to use feelings and these feelings can be channeled through gentleness, though women often associated with weakness. But actually, these weaknesses is an incredible power to radiate beauty. Imagine, in the hands of women, almost all of the work can be completed. The work here, of course, not only the work of a physical nature. Women with both hands, besides being able to resolve almost all the household chores, with sincerity also take care of the children with patience and incredible love. In the hand, there is the comfort of being able to cool. Women are also many who work to supplement the husband's income households to make ends meet. Without forget or neglect to take care of his family.
He was able to calm her husband and to serve the weary heart, though he also felt exhausted. By the time the woman looks so fragile by the load that seemed to overwrite. However, he can still smile despite the tears.
When that's the beauty of it appears and looks there. Tears is a symbol of fragility. However, if shed at a certain moment as an expression of sincere feeling. Tears can also dazzle and turn into a force behind radiated weakness in a woman.
The beauty of a woman is often we have seen so far is only based on what is caught in the eye and what it is able to look though at a glance, without feeling or learn more. While in reality, beauty itself appears as a form of unification with nature. Women often synonymous with beauty. Basically this is because women have the most natural properties, namely romantic. While the romance is an attempt to align themselves with the balance of nature.
If so, one would find getting emotional tranquility and charm captivated by the beauty of women. It is not possible a man also has a nature that, although the capacity is not for women. Because a lot of things that can not be perceived men women can actually be felt. Though gentle man who will not always indicate vulnerability through tears, in the end, many people are attempting to capture the charm of the beauty of women in a variety of work tools.

Beauty of Women in Art. 

In works of art, especially the art, in addition to a view or a variety of interesting things, women are often used as the object in the painting. Similarly, in the form of works of art such as sculpture, or photography.
A woman's body can be used as an inspiration in the talents and imagination of an artist. Examples are as follows.


Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, for example, who does not know the object of painting with a woman with a little smile on the lips. The painting has been a legend almost a thousand years.
Monalisa painting as an object of women with physical beauty is not unbeatable. He was just an ordinary woman without makeup is painted with a graceful pose, however, through the help of the touch of the hands of a Da Vinci, the painting became so timeless, as if offering a form of beauty through the greatness of women. Aura that appears through the beauty of a woman, capable of lasting shine and recorded in a painting to date.


In the field of photography, various works which make women as a medium to convey the message of beauty has many displayed. To enrich photographic techniques, it is not uncommon for photographers to make the woman as his model.
The more unique and character, the rich offer of the woman in this one field. Photography is not merely using beautiful women in the work of the display.
In addition to creative poses, as well as the look and the idea of ​​photography by using a variety of techniques. Women with luring charm in him too interesting to be the object image. Charm of the beauty of women who do not always shown through photos highlight the beauty. Rather aesthetics art which often highlight the beauty of women. Display photos are often mixed with a variety of specific techniques. There is a photo absurd as abstract paintings, photographs were able to describe the beauty of women through the imagination of the resulting observer. For example, a woman silhouette images, and much more. More views can be photographs that deliberately to accentuate the beauty of the art of photography through a woman's charm.


In the art of music, many musicians and songwriter who got the idea of writing lyrics using the inspiration of a woman. Before finally arranged and sung. Most of the song finally managed to boom in the market. The idea of ​​inspirational writing can be a variety of different forms. From start to express ideas how to understand a woman's feelings, or other ideas that expressed the beauty of a woman.
Maybe you remember the following lyrics Band: "Because women want to understand . Through gentle speech and behavior of the great ..".
In the lyrics, the feeling of a woman who tends to be complex used as an inspiration in the creation of the song. Through the lyrics, women also often described as being beautiful. As a fragment of lyric ever sung by Mulan, "I am a creature of God who created the most sexy. Only you can make me continue downloading jerit..aw aw aw. "

Women are Precious. 

The beauty of women in general is often even misunderstood. Exploitation becomes the main body to highlight the diverse beauty possessed.
Physically altered in such a face and an all-out just to gain more beauty when seen others. The beauty of being so narrow and meaningless because only seen limited amazement and body.
Worse, when all these things make a woman apparently oblivious to appreciate him. Because beauty is measured through the physical form it can be appreciated in the form of matter.
Nowadays, money is almost everything. Humans can survive because of money. So if the kosher been so difficult to be reached, someone will take an instant way to through shortcuts in improving their living standards.
Many women who end up doing the dirty efforts for the sake of money by using the facility of the body. Though precious woman is a woman who can appreciate and take care of himself well. The woman is a precious woman who is able to take advantage of the gift of tenderness and affection to calm the hearts of those he loves. Capable of reducing the weaknesses by showing the strength to always uphold the agency to take any journey of life, as well as giving a smile to be strong family.
The beauty of a woman is not only exploited by myself. Often other people interfering in utilizing these circumstances. In the name of art which is really just a mere satisfaction. The female body became a kind of tool to deliver a message, especially a sexual message. If you are like this, women would be blamed for making herself a snare of sin.
Therefore, if you are a woman who appreciates the beauty of the form, give thanks all the grace that has been given to yourself naturally.
How, by continuing to do good. Because the beauty of the women come from the true heart with tenderness and patience decoration.
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Islamic Women Suffer Some Hemisphere.

Islamic women are lucky to be in Indonesia. Advances in technology and knowledge can still be enjoyed by them. Indonesian Muslim women also can freely express their opinions and can also undergo career quietly. Gender equality is more visible in the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.
The men are also now no longer help her awkward cooking, cleaning the house, even parenting. There is also the husband that his wife was willing to continue their education abroad or to the sincere search for his true identity to his wife elsewhere. All is to be grateful by the Indonesian Muslim women. Try to compare it to what happened in other parts of the world.

Islamic Women suffering in Africa and the Middle East. 

Some idea of ​​the suffering of Muslim women in Africa and the Middle East:


Poverty and power struggles have made a Somali woman collapsed and buried in the mud suffering matchless. Rape happens everywhere. The rapist did not see how old the woman is.  Important that they can lust demons.
What's worse is the lack of legal certainty for victims of rape. Tragically, it is not uncommon that a woman who has been married to her rapist raped. Unimaginable married life like that.
Somali woman's body covered by clothing meetings but this was not also make the rapists attack. Hard life, freely circulating pornographic VCDs have made a careful eye rapists dark.
Somali Muslim was sometimes not just once a victim of rape. They can be a victim many times. Their husbands could not do much. Point of a machete and firearms have made the women and their families resigned.


Taliban rule makes a lot of women worse off in a world of severe illiteracy. Women should not go to school. Women should not get out of his house. Women only serve as a nanny and maid husband. If there is a rather intelligent woman and a little cleverness to try to teach other women, then death is at stake.
The notion that a woman is genitalia. The woman is poison really does not make sense interpreted so that no fear when women are given a little freedom, then the women will make the world more perish. So women should be subject only to the men. It is not much different in those days of ignorance in which women baby killed simply because it will only give a sense of shame to the family.
The woman who has slept with (not necessarily the women enjoy it), then pregnant, gave birth to the struggle of life and death, then a newborn baby girl was killed. I believe the world against Islamic women. What's wrong with women? Are not men the most good is the man who most love to the women around him?


The fighters were imprisoned Palestinian women in Israel must have suffered not much different from women in Somalia and Afghanistan. Let alone a woman who was imprisoned, women workers in Saudi Arabia alone could be a victim of the atrocities of men shameless.The women who were imprisoned to face the rigors of prison life unbearable.
When the Bosnian-Serbian war broke out, the women who suffer most. Murder, rape happens everywhere. The world must be safe for women to Islam live peacefully.

Islam Women discrimination in Europe. 

As reported by the BBC on-line in 2012 stated that Amnesty International has confirmed that Muslims who live in Europe suffered tremendous pain. Both Muslims and Muslim women all have difficulties and distress when living in the blue continent. They do not have the right as citizens of other religions, especially the majority of the citizens of the Catholic and Protestant Christians.
European Muslims feel the injustice in various fields such as education, jobs, social, judicial and other. Amnesty International has issued several suggestions related to the unfair treatment of Muslim women in the Netherlands, France, England, Spain and other European countries. Muslims in these countries experiencing alienation in their lives, every time they interact with the general public not only view and good treatment they received.
Some examples of cases of discrimination experienced by Muslim women in blue continent:

1. ban wearing the hijab and veil. 

In France there are licenses to private companies and the state to impose a ban on use of Islamic symbols in economic activity. They give opinions which logically can not be accepted by the mind, which is wearing a headscarf and veil will interfere with the consumer and corporate relationships. This is contrary to what happened in the homeland, in some large companies homeland instead headscarf and veil were seen as providing a good image for the company. When the veil and the veil is not a problem in this country then why in the European countries are said to be developed into a major problem?

2. ban wearing veils. 

Still in the area of ​​France, the government there strictly forbids Muslim women to leave the house by using a veil. Veil is considered something bad and ruin people's lives. As the Muslim veil is not just a symbol for some great scholars (such as priests As Shafi'i) have diligence that wearing the hijab, and the headgear is compulsory wearing of Muslim veils when out of the house. It should ban because it does not appear that Muslim women do not wear veils view in a public place will get a great sin. Where is the justice, when we see the heathen women in France are not prohibited from indulgence in private parts even naked in various activities, such as fashion shows.

3. ban the construction of mosques. 

In Switzerland, a few years ago the Swiss government has issued a ban on construction of mosques minarets. European Muslims also find it difficult to get permission to build a new mosque, at other times the growth of Muslims in Europe the day increased. The ban makes many of them who pray in public places, such as the courtyard, garden and others. In contrast to the homeland government very easily give a new church building permit when Christians in the region are still accommodated in the old church.

Discrimination causes of Islamic Women. 

One of the reasons why Muslims, especially Muslim women experience discrimination in Europe is a negative opinion of Islam are called by the government, the media and organizations. They give a negative opinion that there is no real basis in fact, such as whether the hijab and veil can make the learning process and learning to be stopped? So far, there are no facts to prove it. Hatred and envy unbelievers who do not like the growth of Islam that makes damage the livelihood of the people in Europe.
The spread and growth of Muslims in the world, especially in continental Europe is not really a daunting problem for the citizens of Europe. Islam is a very upholding fairness and doing good to unbelievers who are not hostile to Islam, it is described in the Qur'an and al Hadith, namely:
"God does not forbid you to do good and to be fair to people who no fight you because of religion and not (also) expel you from your land. Truly Allah loves those who act justly." (TQS. Al-Mumtahanah: 8).
"And let not the hatred of something, encourage you to apply unfair. Be fair, just because it is closer to piety. "(TQS. Al-Maidah: 8)
Words of the Prophet.,
The "Love people who are on the earth thou shalt find mercy who is in heaven." (HR. Ath-Thabrani and Al-Hakim.)
"Whoever hurts a dhimmi infidels, then I became his opponent on the Day of Resurrection", (HR. Muslims)
That is Islam's treatment of unbelievers who are not hostile to Islam. When they do good to the Muslims, Islam would give the same thing to them. Recorded in the history of gold in Andalusia (Spain) when under the rule indicates that the Islamic caliphate was able to give justice to the non-Muslim citizens of the Christians and Jews. Them as infidel dhimmis living with equal rights in matters of justice, the economy, jobs, education and others.
Similarly overview of Islamic women in the world, they are currently experiencing a variety of pain. As a Muslim brother then it is obligatory for us to think about their problems and seek appropriate solutions in accordance with the command of Allah.
So, thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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So the peak ground attack Israeli aggression.

 Hamas wants to destroy tunnels. 

Israeli defense forces (IDF) has finally launched a ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.
Thursday night (17/7) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed a massive offensive to the border. Rocket launch pad, tunnel militants and militant arsenal became the main target of the IDF.
Israeli leaders have stated, the primary purpose of the ground attack is to undermine the Hamas military force. After fighting nonstop for 10 days, the Israeli military operation was being peak IDF aggression. Earlier, the IDF launched more than 2,000 air attacks on the Israeli-Palestinian border. Gaza militants was no less diligent fired thousands of rockets into Israel.
Netanyahu ordered on Gaza ground operation after temporary cessation of attacks failed to stop the rain of rockets into Israeli territory. Cessation of attacks on the Egyptian initiative only lasted about five hours. Had refrained from replying to rocket attacks Gaza militants, the IDF finally back on the attack on Thursday night. This time the attack comes from the ground, not from the air. 
Israeli military actually doubt with plans to launch a ground operation, because in addition to ignite curse the world, overland offensive attack will clearly endanger the lives of soldiers. On the other hand, ground operations were not always produce results. In 2009 and 2012, the IDF attacks Hamas does not work bend and Gaza militants, but the last, weakened Hamas military force, even regional and international support against such radical organizations are also not as strong as before. Consideration that makes a reckless Israeli ground offensive. Forces they do not get too much resistance in the first night ground operations.
Netanyahu and his government has not been able to determine the length of the IDF ground operation on Gaza. They just ordered the soldiers remain on the border for a day or two. In addition to gathering in the northern region, Israeli soldiers on guard in the east and south of Gaza.
After weaken militant in Gaza, the next stage is to destroy tunnels militants. The stage can take up to about two weeks. It seems that Israel is not messing around with its ground attack this time, not only deploy fleets and sophisticated weapons, the IDF also involve reservists.
Israeli media reported that Netanyahu's government has contacted the reserve army of at least 18,000. The government called them to get involved in a ground operation in Gaza. They chose a ground operation as a last resort after other alternatives fail. Without a ground operation we have to pay a price that is much more expensive than this, that said Netanyahu. So, thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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Epidemic faster than control.

Ebola virus.
By land and air, ebola stocking death of the Dark Continent.
For the umpteenth time again focused the world's attention to Africa as ebola. The deadly virus is infecting the population back the Dark Continent, especially the four West African countries, namely Guyana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. This time the impact and spread of ebola region is the largest in history, all countries around the world also should be wary.
A world without limits makes everything that happens in one country can spread easily to other countries, including ebola outbreak who was born in Guyana in February. As a human who can easily travel from one place to another, so with the ebola virus.
If humans migrated with a taxi, plane, train or ship, ebola virus was the same. Some infectious disease experts stated that Ebola is spread very quickly, but the possibility of a virus "fly" to another continent is very low.
The most important thing is keep an eye on those who may have direct contact with people with ebola or may have contracted the virus.
So far, the official head of the British health safety agency stated that the transmission of the virus still involve direct contact, therefore the government should focus on the supervision of new residents arrived from West Africa.
Meanwhile, African countries also have to keep an eye on the movement of people by land across the border. Ebola virus is not the deadliest or most contagious, but direct contact between humans could be one of the easiest ways to distribute it.
The spread of ebola from Africa to Asia or to Europe is still possible, especially transcontinental flight makes the shorter distance.
Government of the United States with Germany and France issuing a ban on traveling to West Africa, despite such countries were still preparing for the spread of ebola in their region.
United States even has prepared an isolation room at the hospital to welcome some new citizens returning from West Africa and possibly infected with ebola. That needs to be aware of are those who show flu-like symptoms, because they are already badly infected would not have been able to travel due to internal and external bleeding. Those who show such symptoms should be isolated and undergo intensive examination.
Based on a common understanding, the Philippine government also isolate 20 workers who had just returned from Sierra Leone in June and July. Even though it looks healthy, the workers have to undergo a series of tests in advance, and they must be proactive because they know there is a serious threat from the region (West Africa) and they do not want a surprise.
For the safety and comfort with, the government isolate those workers for a month. Every day the medical team to monitor the development of their health until the quarantine period expires. Philippines not only enforces the rules for its citizens, but also for those who transit in the Philippines had to undergo the same procedure. So far the Philippines is still free from ebola.
Twenty workers who could potentially carry the virus was still healthy. Nevertheless, the government still enforce preventive measures, because there are 3,491 Filipinos are now working in Guyana, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
Since last July 4, the government imposed a ban on traveling to three West African country. Meanwhile, WHO has been monitoring developments only ebola outbreak in West Africa began to act. WHO Director General Margaret Chan warned the president of the three affected countries to remain vigilant ebola outbreak. The epidemic is moving much faster than efforts to control. Moreover, the number of deaths due to ebola already exceeded 729 souls. If the situation worsens, the impact of this outbreak could be disastrous, not only because it claimed many lives, but also cause social and economic disruption. Since erupted last February, ebola affects about 1,300 people, and now they are infected with ebola must undergo intensive treatment at the hospital.
In a meeting with West African leaders in the City of Conakry, Guyana to the public are advised to be vigilant, although not the most dangerous virus, ebola should not be given the space to breed.
Mutation and adaptation is a mechanism to survive all types of viruses and microbes, then we should not give them that opportunity.
All and thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Prospective King reviled, Will Honored Queen.

The world's attention to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton will soon be distracted. That is the Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz candidate Rocasolano.
Just like Kate, Letizia did not come from the aristocracy. He is the ordinary people of the middle class. Letizia is famous for her beauty, skill in selecting clothing, as well as versatility.
Many argue that Letizia can bring fresh air in Spain when it became queen later.
Before she married Prince Felipe de Borbon, the Princess of Asturias was a presenter on CNN. Letizia is not ordinary journalists, women born in Oviedo, 15 September 1972 it was crowned as the most talented journalists in Spain under the age of 30 years in 2000. He covered the September 11 attacks on the WTC and the Iraq war directly.
In fact, before wearing the crown, the people of the Middle Class has been conferred the title of Queen or Queen of circles Medium to Letizia. Since childhood, Letizia was raised middle class families. He went to public school like ordinary citizens. His grandfather was a taxi driver. Jesus Jose Ortiz Alvarez, his father, also a journalist.
Meanwhile, Maria de la Paloma Rocasolano Rodriguez, his mother, is a nurse.
When she married Prince Felipe de Borbon, status Letizia is a widow. On August 7, 1998, he was married to Alonso Guerrero PĂ©rez, unfortunately they divorced a year later.
Letizia had an abortion after a previous miscarriage. He would become the first Spanish queen who never divorced.
Letizia engaged to Prince Felipe on November 1, 2003. Much surprised by the announcement, because they had rarely seen together.
Felipe and Letizia were married on May 22, 2004 in Santa Maria Katredal Real de la Almudena le in Madrid. The couple had two daughters, Infanta Leonor, 9, and Infanta Sofia, 7.
Since getting married, the couple away from gossip skewed, they are always visible mutual support and love.
"Felipe Letizia has opened spirit," said Andrew Morton, author of the Royal Family of Spain, published in April 2013.
As a daughter, Letizia known to be very fashionable. He often combines branded clothes with cheap clothes belonging to less well-known designe8rs.
His appearance was often steal the media attention and was praised by many parties, even some fashion bloggers to follow fashion style for reviews on their personal blogs. So, thank you for reading this article.
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Prince acting, the People's Mandate Unplug the King.

Will Juan Carlos I Becomes King of Spain Newsletter? 

King of Spain Juan Carlos I announced it will hand over the throne to Crown Prince Felipe at the beginning of last week. In another kingdom, it could be the ordinary moment, but amid the decline of economic conditions, the decision of King Carlos raised the demand that the Spanish monarchy deleted forever.
King Carlos the announcement sparked mixed reactions from the people of Spain and the international community. A day after 76-year-old leader plans to step down publish, mass anti-monarchy group immediately rallied in Madrid City, they demanded the abolition of monarchy. Mass anti-royal hope Spain democracies like other European countries.
Although the leaders of the world to appreciate the magnanimity Carlos for stepping down and handing the throne to his son, the media actually criticized the decision Sophia ofGreece husband and Danish. Some European media even revealed that the father of three children abdicated himself to save face, because for about the last four years, the popularity of Carlos dropped drastically.
A good name is Carlos became polluted when the media sniffing divorce Daughter aka Elena the Duchess of Lugo. Carlos first child is sued for divorce her husband, Jaime de Marichalar. Divorce, it seems, makes Carlos hit, he then sickly. Ironically, the bad news does not stop there.
After a time, the good name of Carlos back t he denganercoreng. Precisely when the law, Inaki Urdangarin (Duke of Palma de Mallorca), indicated corruption.
Princess Cristinatersebut husband supposedly embezzling public money, while most of the cost of living former Olympic handball athlete was borne of the people.
News that Urdangarin indicated corruption that makes the kingdom was about to lose the trust of the people, especially based on the latest investigation, Cristina joined her husband enjoy hot money.
Because of this, the brother Felipe was forced to undergo a series of legal proceedings. Attorney snare him with allegations of corruption, money laundering precisely.
According to the newspaper, Cristina is also involved in the people's money laundering. Female 48 years helped her husband and tried to cover up his crime.
Another action that makes people no longer respectful to Carlos is a rumor affair. It is said that he had a special relationship with Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, widow of mixed blood Denmark and Germany. When waist injury when hunting elephants in Bostwana, according to the newspaper, go with the woman's Carlos.
"Carlos is a public apology to the public for his bad deeds., But its popularity already dropped about 30 percent," said Stan Veuger, political observers European economy, in a column written for The National Interest. Due to fading prestige, Carlos decided to abdicate the throne.
As the only son Carlos, Felipe entitled to inherit the throne. Most rapidly, the husband Letizia Ortiz took the throne on 18 June.
However, the king will not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand, especially Carlos left a lot of unfinished work.
Starting about Catalona, ​​regions in Spain are the most vocal against the monarchy, to the high rate of youth unemployment.
In addition, Carlos does not leave a good image of the kingdom, especially in the economic field images, one of which is the habit of the royal family living in luxury, from shopping to partying likes expensive items, when they use the facilities financed by public money.
"This year the kingdom back to cut the budget.'s Going on for about four years," said The Telegraph in a report some time ago.
Carlos reportedly accidentally cut the budget in order to attract public sympathy.
Budget of EUR 9.4 million (approximately Rp 150.9 billion) cut to approximately EUR 7.78 million (approximately Rp 124.6 billion) this year.
For three consecutive years, Carlos salary was frozen in nominal EUR 140.519 or around Rp 2.25 billion.
"But the king got the money comes also a bit numbering, ie EUR 152.233 or around Rp 2.4 billion," said The Telegraph.
The cost of purchasing clothing and other accessories, according to the British newspaper, also taken from the present currency.
Salary king and other members of the Spanish empire had sparked controversy, especially in the court of the king and continue to receive salary and money, though not present any political function.
Last year sucked royal budget to finance the operations of Carlos. Kingdom needs to raise up to EUR 165.189 or around Rp 2.6 billion to pay three times the cost of operating a private clinic Carlos.
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