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The fact that can not be explained by science.

Science is amazing. Being able to uncover the mysteries of life varied. Looking for alternative energy, treat disease, crawl space, and even create artificial living beings. All the wonders of the science that makes us amazed. But not all the mysteries of life can be solved. There are still many other phenomena that can not be answered by science. It is estimated that there are some phenomenon that has yet to be explained scientifically. Who knows you want to add it.

Taos hum.

Residents and visitors to the small town of Taos in New Mexico for years plagued by strange buzzing. The low frequency sound reverberate in the air along the desert. Interestingly, only 2 percent of the local residents who heard the voice. Some people believe that noise caused by vibration unusual. To this day the mystery of this strange buzzing yet nevertheless resolved.


For decades the reported findings of a large, hairy, big-footed and left a trail along the area in America. There are even eye witnesses as well. Funny thing is, there are no findings of organ pieces altogether. Just a photo and movie recording. Same with the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot by the majority of people considered to be just a myth. Its existence has not been proven scientifically.


Some people call this "sixth sense". Almost everyone has experienced using intuition intentionally or not. For example, when we feel that something is wrong, it's true. Psychology studies to analyze them as human ability to recognize an event to collect information about. We can know about something without understanding how. But nevertheless there is no acceptable explanation in science about this.

Disappear In Mysterious.

Humans can be lost due to many reasons. Escape, accident, killed, and can still be found. But there are some cases where people disappeared mysteriously. Call it a crew of Spanish Marie Celeste, Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earthart and Natalee Holloway. These are the names of people who disappeared without a trace. Yet there is also a scientific explanation of this mystery.

Ghosts From the works of Shakespeare.

Machbet, to a variety of the latest television shows, always menceritakaan presence of the spirit of the deceased. Around the world, perbagai country, people believe in ghosts. Ghost hunter and most new technology to try to explain the scientific basis of these creatures. Unfortunately, there is still no acceptable explanation of human knowledge.

Déjà vu.

Derived from the French language, which means "never seen", déjà vu is an event where we feel ever experienced something similar in the past. Almost everyone experienced. There are regarded as experience in a previous life. The psychologists try to explain it in a naturalistic. But this incident remains a mystery.


Can not be denied that so many people witness reported the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), from flying saucers to being bald with elongated eyes. Astronomers believe that the meteor from outer space. But is there any living thing out there? A question that has not been answered by science.

Almost Experience and Life After Death Dead.

In Indonesia, the term dormant, dead back to life momentarily. It turns out that these events experienced by humans in all continents of the world. This experience revolves around an average of blinding rays that were found on the way to the afterlife. The skeptics consider it only as halunisasi. Religious people who believe that it is God's light. Scientific explanation? No.

Power of Psychic.

It is the power that exceeds intuition, where people can predict what will happen in the future. Part of getting out of a dream or a sudden got a vision about what will happen. In Indonesia, known as psychic or healer or a fortune teller. This power also can not be analyzed scientifically.

Relationship of Body and Mind.

Health sciences indeed believe that our thoughts affect physical condition. In the placebo effect for example, demonstrates how a disease can be gradually improved by means of the patient to think of positive things. Or mental suffering actually worsen health conditions. But until now scientists have not been able to explain the scientific details of the relationship between mind and body. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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Do you know the secret behind the dollar.

Regarding the secret behind the Dollar, but the actual amount was worn in the eye there is a secret veiled. Because that's the way the Illuminati control of the World. This data is made in good faith and with the fact the fact that happens in this world.

Now we go back to the 911 tragedy (September 11) in which the WTC twin towers in New York collapsed was hit by two aircraft, defense and security of the American military headquarters, the Pentagon also damaged hit by a plane. But was it so? It's so easy sturdy buildings constructed of steel that can be toppled? Indeed, there is the calculation of theoretical physics that makes it impossible. But I am not going to explain it today. Now we discuss only thing more absurd than that.

United States stand approximately 450 years ago. At which time the enactment of the US currency is also colored green. And since 450 years ago is also the American currency was never revised. Now let us examine the currency since 450 years ago it has not changed its shape.

Beginning of money 20 dollars.

This money 20 US Dollars:

Try folding:

Now fold again like this:

If it so now we fold like this, and see the image below;

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

For this time proved that the money 20 US Dollar conspiracy to keep secret about the destruction of the Pentagon. (by whom? The currency is the US has its own ??)

Now we are to New York with 20 half-crumpled dollar this, to see what's in there. Still at 20 US Dollar which has not been changed since 450 years ago.

Now we see the other side of the money 20 dollars;

Now we see the other side of the money 20 dollars;

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

 Yes, that's right ... it is the WTC twin towers of New York who is now a distant memory. The left portion was hit by United Airlines Flight 175 from sliding out of the right side of the building. While the right side was hit by Flight 11 American Airlines owned by sliding from the left.

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

See the article on the right and on the left the money, which is full of The United State of America. (Did 450 years ago the two airlines that already exist? The answer, of course not. Even to 2 WTC building pentagon and have not even built.)

Mystery Face of George Bush "horned" On the Money 20 Dollar;

 A man claims to have found a face that resembles the face of former US President George Bush on the watermark or watermark in the money 20 dollars issued in 2004. The man who download youtube video through this provides an explanation of how the face of George Bush "horned" in the money 20 dollars in 2004 can be seen. He then compares several US dollar bills 20 outputs the same year and again the figure of the former US president faces the back looks.

Mystery Face of George Bush "horned" On the Money 20 Dollar;

Is this just a coincidence or is there some sort of veiled message or conspiracy theory which is to be conveyed. Indeed, a lot of the mystery hidden in American dollars in the form of symbols and messages that imply meaning.

OSAMA 9-11;
Now we discuss the most bizarre part of this 20 us dollars. Take a good look at this picture!

OSAMA 9-11

Have 450 years ago OSAMA BIN LADEN born ??
For 20 Dollars secret behind this, can the discovery of code: 911 (September 11) >> 9 + 11 = 20

Enough for 20 dollars, because we creased fold-fold now we exchange with a 50 dollar and 10 dollar. Look at this!

In 50 US Dollar which has not been changed since 450 years ago there was also a secret destruction of the World Trade Center in New York.

On 10 Dollar Currency;

10 Dollar

50 Dollar;

50 Dollar

100 dollars;

100 Dollars

One Dollar

Try write One Dollar, then put the glass under the posts. Read the One Dollar is in the glass! It will be read Our Dojjal which means "Dajjal Us" (Our in English means "We Belong") or it can also mean "Land of the Antichrist" (Our in Hebrew means "Land")

One Dollars

 At that time the committee was formed to make the American currency (dollars) consisting of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adam and Pierre du Simitiere who were all members of illumination and 33rd degree Freemason Even Thomas Jefferson was a follower of the mystical religion Desime be pioneer of the Unitarian-Universalist birth of thinking.

At that time, the ideas of Adam Weishaupt and his Novus Ordo Seclorum has pervaded the entire life of the members of the Freemasons. As a tribute to Adam Weishaupt was a central figure of the Zionists, they agreed that the symbol of the American dollar wear symbols of the Illuminati and includes the name of the book's title Weishaupt as the motto of the US dollar.

One Dollar

They did not choose the currency in the form of fractions of five, ten or twenty dollar kerana fractions representing the thought "the new world". That is why on the one-dollar denominations loaded with the philosophy of the Illuminati.

Prof. J.S. Malan in his writings, New Age Reforms:

"All the world's natural resources such as monitors and industry should be controlled entirely by the" world government "kerana this way, the system of equations as well as the welfare of the world economy can be implemented and enjoyed equally. The whole world has only one monitoring system that monitors under a centralized body. By way sepertii allows "world government" run discretion to control the entire country and the people. "

World must "submit" and "worship" to the dollar as a medium to get a gift from god (Satan) Lucifer. Those who have an abundance of dollars will be able to be superman. Those who master the dollar as well - in the field of economics - are those who rule the world.

The entire international financial institutions that have been pioneered by Mayer Rothschild had to demonstrate prowess in the field of authority. Ownership of banks, multinational and technologies including microchip should majorati owned by fraternity members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.


Coat Pharaoh / Pyramids of Gaza, Tower of Babel, the brick Kekuasaan.Jumlah Hierarchy Pyramid is 13 lines (13 = the lucky number of the Illuminati) which consists of 72 brick.

One Eye:

Control showed the world under the watchful eyes of god "devil Lucifer" (the eye of Lucifer). In the opinion of Robertson Batt:
light or the eyes of the God of Ancient Egypt (Osiris), God always they kunjugi on the sidelines of a meeting held secret followers of al-Masuniyyah. Gen. William G.Carr of America explained that the existing light or eye above the pyramid emitting light into all directions, which implies representation and oppression as the Gestapo perisikan founded by Weishaupt under the symbol of brotherhood with the aim of keeping a secret organization and forcing the human subject the laws of the organization through oppression.

Annuit Coeptis:

Overwhelming gift (favor our online undertaking). Two words that are listed at the top of the symbol which means "Truly our interests loaded with various success". He also bererti "Glory Belongs to Us" or "Full Interests Success" or "The Great The Beraja" or also means "King Special" or "Cover (Seal) The Egyptians". Meanings as that is what was meant by the words that exist in the US dollar bills the "Seal Greatest Owned King Special" which determine the origin of the altitude and the influence that shape keperibadiannya it and returned to the land of Egypt which is recognized by the Antichrist as the jewel in this earth. 2 The word may also be found in French Le grand Coptis that bererti the biggest Qibti. Meanwhile, al-Qibti is "the Egyptian" and not a christian. Anneoun also Bererti Circle or al-Khatam means seal. The seal is a seal Dajjal Confessing himself as the greatest sorcerer (of offspring) Egypt.

Novus Ordo Seclorum:

Literally means "New World Order" or "New Public Administration". Thought and the name of a famous book written by Adam Weishaupt. The book contains concepts, doctrines and theories about global thinking. Done prepared on May 1, 1776 that the Communist Celebration Day around the world. One thing that should be noted is that this symbol is made on the basis of ideology of al-Masuniyyah / Freemason after joining this organization to organization Illuminati / Nurainiyyah Wilhemsbad after the holding of the congress in 1782.

The Great Seal:

The lower part of the UK who intend seal bearing the Greatest.

In God We Trust:

Means only the one God - Satan Lucifer and Jehovah - we believe.


Which stands for Novus ordo empire which means new imperialist governments.



Date written with letters romance is officially the date of announcement of the formation of the organization Supporting Light Satan "Illuminati". This is the first principle placement to easily occupy the brain world, earth and wealth. That date is not the date of the announcement of Independence document.

Bird Coat Phoneix:

Means a symbol of freedom. The number of letters in Annuit Coeptis is 13 equal to the number of letters in E.Pluribus Unun. Star above the bird was 13 and forming a star of David (the star of David). 13 leaves, 13 feathers on the wings and 13 arrows, 13 flags line which terminates birds. Figures 13 itself is a symbol of power four corners of the world (North-South-East-West). 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 corners. Eagle is in the United ringgit banknotes On it there are six pointed star is a symbol for Jews, Israelis and Zionists and sign for each associated with legacy kewujudan Hebrew or Jewish Nazi. The followers of al-Masuniyyah call the star as "Clothes Iron King David" (Dira 'David). According to them, Solomon inherited that armor. In view of the Jews, the star hinted 2 eyes on the inside of the two triangles. And side of each triangle is the same eye. According to the indictment of the Jews, Solomon has shown attention to the triangle, as if the triangle is "Eye of God". At the end, the eye and the triangle becomes "Symbol of God" itself. That's the reason and basis of the Jews and the followers of al-Masuniyyah symbol deify it.

Bird Coat Phoneix:

1 Dollar

A detailed description of this special 1 Dollar visit me the following note:
There's more mystery behind money One Dollar, you try to look at the picture the back of the one dollar this.

1 Dollar

 Looks not how many Masonic symbols in the back of the One Dollar, now let's see what secrets contained wrote in the front of the One Dollar.

One Dollar

On the right picture of George Washington at the front of the One Dollar you can see the symbol of the "Department of the Treasury". The emblem consists of keys, scales of justice, and also a picture box (which form the pita triangles), which became an important symbol in Freemasonry. If you look inside the box, you will see 13 holes (white dots) that are in it. There are also 39 green points surrounding the box, keys and scales. Remember, the number 39 is 13 x 3, and also the 39: 2 is 19.5. Figures 19.5 can be seen in the design of Cydonia, Mars, Avebury, England and Washington DC

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove

  see images of owls hidden at the end of the dollar this:

worship of the Bohemian Grove

 It is not another form of idol worship of the Bohemian Grove (group rituals Washington US officials), as a symbol of their rituals:

Bohemian Grove ritual

 An explanation of the Bohemian Grove see here:
And lastly if drawn pictures david star on the image pyramid, there is a hidden message that reads MASON (mean Freemasonry / Illuminati);


But now, we will discuss the other currencies, the first:

sheet $ 2;

sheet $2

From the picture above with description, we can see:

Looks ahead:
1. The face of Thomas Jefferson (third president of the United States as well as members of Bavarian Illuminati) arranged such that the nose, forehead, ears and eyes form a one-eyed pyramid symbol. And is not it odd that both eyes facing different directions / squint?

Thomas Jefferson

2. Figures 6 that "special" for the Illuminati strongly associated with the life of Thomas Jefferson. He has six children, his wife died on September 6, and sculpture legacy, "Jefferson Memorial" stands as tall as 6 feet.

3. Now look at the symbol of the seal on the right:

And there is the key image, which some people interpret it as a revealer, shows the power and influence of the Illuminati (or symbol of Monarch Mind Control, etc.).

 at the bottom of the listed number 1789, which is the year in which the Illuminati do their great actions. As US president George Washington made and start the French Revolution. And there is the key image, which some people interpret it as a revealer, shows the power and influence of the Illuminati (or symbol of Monarch Mind Control, etc.). At the top there is a scale, which states the balance between the strength of the old world (Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, etc.) and new world powers (a mixture of the secret organization that led to the New World Order). There is also a row of 13 stars are hidden, which is no less important to the Illuminati. The figure shows the 13 offspring and 13 groups that received "enlightenment" (denoted by stars).

The figure shows the 13 offspring and 13 groups that received "enlightenment" (denoted by stars)

4. Sources say that John Trumbull, painter drawing back the money drawing 47 people in total. But the original prints there were only 42 people for 5 other people are the enemies of the Illuminati.

5. Some of the people who appear in the picture is showing signs secret Illuminati: sitting with legs crossed and hand movements like finger "metal":

sitting with legs crossed and hand movements like finger "metal":

6. Emergence of several important figures of the Illuminati, such as George Clinton, the ancestor of President Bill Clinton and Stephen Hopkins, influential people at the time and the only person in the picture wearing a hat, which indicates that the position is very important to the Illuminati.

7. Sources said that the words "Two Dollars" in the bottom corner is a play on words of "To Owl's Lard" which is the secret code for members to recruit new members. Owl owl refers to the core of the teachings of the Bohemian Grove and Lard refers to the symbol of wealth at that time.

8. And many more that can be searched if the reader carefully .....
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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You know why the dollar became the world currency.

United States dollar
America has replaced gold as a source of liquidity in the economy of the world and become the basis of the world's financial system.

The first reason:

History brings dollars to international currency.
Starting from the Bretton Woods agreement after World War 2 that the effect is still felt today; agreement to use gold as a global standard currency values. At that time the state of the economies of the world, except the United States, were destroyed by the war. This causes them to rely on loans granted by the United States. These loans are given in US dollars. As collateral, Americans receive gold owned these countries. The result, with automatic control of all the gold in the world and thus only the US dollar value is backed by gold. In practical terms, this means that the US dollar has replaced gold as a source of liquidity in the economy of the world and become the basis of the world's financial system. The implication, every country build foreign exchange reserves in US dollars; The dollar reserve currency is needed so that a country can be exchanged for dollars or gold. At this time it was the American currency became an international currency.

The second reason:

The risk of becoming an international currency
Not always become an international currency that has a positive effect on the country's currency has, in this case American countries with dollar. Many of the negative effects that could hit the United States when the currency become an international currency. Some of the negative effects become an international currency, among others:
1. The country must maintain trust me, which led the country to have an arduous task for the world.
2. If the owner of an international currency countries are not able to maintain trust, it can lead to the currency's drop suddenly.
3. It would be difficult to control liquidity

The third reason:

Not all strong currency could become an international currency.
To become an international currency needs a strong owner, in this case a strong state. Being a strong currency does not mean being able to become an international currency. This is because countries with currencies that do not necessarily have the economic and political stability are good. Yet to become an international currency, the country needed economic and political situation is stable, because as an international currency needed confidence of the world for the world to use it.
For example, the currency of the country of Iraq, the Dinar. Although at this time Dinar as one of the strongest currencies, but the situation is not stable Iraq, because of war, conflict in the country, as well as its economy. This causes the world do not want to entrust its currency to the Iraqi Dinar currency because although the strongest, but not necessarily be stable in the long term. Instability can occur because of a war that became increasingly become or conflict in the country, which in turn can lead to the impoverished country and its currency fell to the weakest currency. Whereas the currency exchange and store it is a long-term activity, and so we need great confidence of the world. This is because the US dollar became the currency of the country believed the world because of the conditions that can be predicted to be stable in the long term.
So it's not because of American superpower and simply make its currency international currency or even no-kalikong kong Jewish.
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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You know Jiroemon Kimura.

Jiroemon Kimura
Surname 木村 次郎 右衛門
Born Kinjiro Miyake (三 宅 金治郎?)
19 April 1897
Kamiukawa (now part of Kyotango), Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Died June 12, 2013
(age 116 years, 54 days)
Japanese citizenship
Retired postal worker, farmer.

Jiroemon Kimura (Kimura Jirōemon 木村 次郎 右衛門 ?, born 19 April 1897 - died June 12, 2013 at the age of 116 years) is the world's oldest person after the death of Dina Manfredini on December 17, 2012. He also was the oldest man with the longest life span in history , and the first man in history to have reached the age of 116 years. Kimura also the last man who was born in the 19th century 113 years since the death of the man, James Sisnett of Barbados on May 23, 2013.
Kimura died of natural causes on June 12, 2013 at the age of 116 years, 54 days.
Kimura became Japan's oldest man who is still alive after the death of Tomoji Tanabe on June 19, 2009, the oldest man in the world after the death of Walter Breuning on April 14, 2011, and the oldest in Japan after the death Chiyono Hasegawa on December 2, 2011.

Early life and education.

Kimura was born with the name Kinjiro Miyake (三 宅 金治郎 Miyake Kinjirō?) On 19 April 1897 Kamiukawa fishing village, he was the third of six children born to a peasant couple Morizo and Fusa Miyake. He completed the second level school in his class at the age of 14 and began working on the local post office around the age of 17. He retired in 1962 at age 65, after working at the post office for 45 years.

Married and career.

In 1920, Kimura also worked as an employee of government communications in Korea, when Korea became a colony of the Imperial Japanese. After returning from Korea, he was married to his neighbor, Yae Kimura (1904-1978). Because of his wife's family did not have a male heir, he changed his name to Jiroemon Kimura, becoming the ninth member of the family that bears that name.

Personal life.

Kimura four siblings lived past the age of 90, and his youngest brother died at the age of 100. Kimura had seven children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and 14 canggah. Kimura health conscious and active. After retiring from the post office, he then farmed until the age of 90. He wakes up in the morning and read the newspaper with a magnifying glass. He also enjoyed the conversation and follow the parliamentary debate live on television. According to him, a small portion of food is the key to a long and healthy life. Kimura lived in Kyotango, Kyoto Prefecture, the widow of his eldest son, 83, and his grandson's widow, 59.
In its 114-year anniversary on April 19, 2011, Kimura said that he survived the quake We Tango 1927 measuring 7.6 magnitude quake that struck Kyoto and killed more than 3,000 people. He was born in the 30th year of the Meiji era, lived during the reign of emperor 4, and 61 the Prime Minister of Japan, starting from Masayoshi Matsukata to Shinzo Abe.
In October 2012, Kimura received a certificate from Guinness World Records, with regard to the inclusion of Kimura's name in the book of Guinness World Records, the latest edition in 2013, this is the second year in a row Kimura is recognized as the oldest man in the world, he also appeared in the 2012 edition of the book Here you are. During the meeting, Kimura said he spends most of his time in bed.
At the birthday-116 and also the last, Kimura received many good words, including a video message from Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan.
He was hospitalized for pneumonia on May 11, 2013. He died of natural causes at a hospital in his hometown in Kyotango, at 2:08 am, June 12, the local government said in a statement fax. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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You Will Achieve Success Ideals, Origin ...

Successfully achieve goals, especially the great ideals is the dream of everyone. Including the pessimists. Actually they have great ideals, but because of his pessimistic, they are buried deep in these ideals. You forget your ideals? If yes, please read this trit I will explain how you can successfully achieve your goals.

The method described has been proven. If you follow it, God willing, you will successfully reach your goals. No matter how much your goals. Do not be pessimistic, do not be afraid.

At this time I will discuss three requirements that you must have so that you keep trying, keep acting, and still struggling to achieve your goals. Because this is your key to achieving goals, which does not stop. These three terms below will make your self can not be stopped by anything and anyone except by Allah SWT.
Maintain Confidence That You Will Achieve Success Ideals

There are 3 dimensional belief that you must have and keep. During these three beliefs you have, you will never stop, you will remain optimistic, so you will keep moving.

What are the three dimensions of faith?

1. Sure to yourself, that God has given considerable potential to achieve your goals.
2. Are you sure that your goals you can achieve. Although it looks hard and heavy, but you must make sure that the ideals it may be achieved by you. Simple criteria, if there is someone else who has reached one (except the Prophet), then you will be able to achieve it.
3. Confident that God will help and assist you.
Keeping Your Focus On Ideals

When you lose focus, you lose the same energy. Not no energy, but the energy you will be dispersed and no longer enough to achieve your goals. However good you are, it is still very limited human. We can not have everything. Time and resources are limited. For that you have to keep your focus on reaching goals.

You must have a system that you stay focused on your goals. It could be that it was a mentor to guide and direct you to your goals. It could be a picture or object that reminds you to focus on the goal. Or whatever you can do to keep yourself focused.

Of course, that is the focus here is not meant to be forgetting something else. Daily devotions obviously should not be forgotten by our focus to achieve my goals. The focus here means you have to give a specific time to achieve your goals and concentration while working.

For example, specify how much time you allocate to achieve your goals. When to schedule. Allocation of time would be in accordance with the magnitude of the ideals you have. If you have great ideals, of the time required will be more and more. But do not worry, you can achieve great goals with less time if you apply the concept of Revolution Time and Leverage.

Maintain Motivation.

Motivation is the energy. Motivation as a fuel in your vehicle. If there is no motivation, then you will not be able to move achieve your goals. What if the motivation runs out or down? Then you have to fill it again. If your motor run out of gas, then you have to refill it. If your HP runs out of electricity, then you need to charge it again. Fortunately, motivation does not need to pay or buy. You can raise your motivation whenever you want. Energy inside you can bounce back if you want to raise him. As long as there is motivation, you will continue to move. If the move, and the right direction, sooner or later you will reach the destination. So you will successfully achieve your goals if you keep the faith, keep your focus and keep your motivation. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
name: Bambang Sunarno.
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Tips on Choosing the Appropriate Form of Face Veils.

Confused to choose the veil to be worn everyday? Where ya that suits you, and is comfortable to use? Woman only have special tips for you who want to look beautiful with hijab. Tricks in particular only one, adjust to the shape of your face.

Round face.

Round face.

 It annoyed to have a round face, because if one choose the veil becomes your face will look bloated and fat. For those of you who have a round face, Ceramic veil with undercaps are easily found in the market. Your hair ponytail if long, then use undercaps, do dicepol or bun because it would give the impression of your head round. Tie hijab, then on the cheeks can be pulled up to half of the cheeks closed. Make sure you also fixed and comfortable and not crowded yes. Next you can enter the rest of the veil or decorate it with a brooch.

Oval face or Long.

Oval face or Long.

For your face oval or long, Turkish style is most appropriate to wear, because it would give the impression of a full and more solid for a long face. You may curl your hair so that the shape of your head better and by the face.

Square face.

Square face.

For your face veil should use a rounded square shape will frame the face becomes softer and eliminate sharp lines. Avoid using harsh colors and flashy. Use soft colors or layer so that the face look more full.

Oval face.

Oval face.

For those of you who oval face, you are free to use various style headscarf. Just stay where you mix that fits with the color of your skin and clothes. Your heartbeat will be more graceful and sweet.


We recommend that you select the original cotton scarf so comfortable and not hot when worn. Moreover, cotton veil will help the scalp and hair to keep it breathe. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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The building was initiated by President Sukarno.

Istiqlal Mosque.

Istiqlal Mosque.

Istiqlal Mosque is a mosque located in the center of the capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta. This Mosque is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. This mosque was initiated by Ir. Sukarno in which the first stone erection, mark the beginning of construction of the Istiqlal Mosque conducted by Ir. Sukarno on August 24, 1951. The architect was Frederich Silaban Istiqlal Mosque.

The location of the mosque is located in the northeast of the National Monument (Monas). The main building of this mosque consists of five floors. This mosque has a 45-meter diameter dome. The mosque is able to accommodate up to more than two hundred thousand worshipers.

Besides being used as religious activities of Muslims, the mosque was also used as the office of the Indonesian Ulema Council, social activities, and general activities. The mosque is also one of the famous tourist attraction in Jakarta. Most tourists who visit general domestic tourists, and the majority of foreign tourists who are Muslims. It is unknown whether non-Muslims can visit this mosque.


National Monument

National Monument or popularly abbreviated to Monas monument or memorial is at 132 meters (433 feet) which was established in memory of resistance and struggle of the people of Indonesia to win independence from Dutch colonial rule. The construction of this monument began on August 17, 1961 under the command of President Sukarno, and was opened to the public on July 12, 1975.

This monument is crowned flame coated gold sheet which symbolizes the spirit of fiery struggle. The National Monument is located right in the center of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta. Monuments and museums are open every day starting at 08:00 to 15:00 West Indonesia Time. On Monday last week of each month is closed to the public.

Aerospace sculpture.

Aerospace sculpture.

Monument Statue of Aerospace or better known as the Statue of Jewel is one monument statue located in Jakarta. The location of the monument is located in the Jewel, South Jakarta. Right in front of the office complex Aerospace Aldiron Pensions which was once the headquarters of the Air Force. Strategic position as a gateway to Jakarta for the newcomers who had just landed at the airport Halim.

The statue was designed by Edhi Sunarso circa 1964 - 1965 with the help of family Arca Yogyakarta. While the process is carried out by casting Pengecorannya Artistic Bronze Sculpture Decorative Yogyakarta leader I Gardono. The heavy bronze statue reaches 11 tons. While high statue itself is 11 meters, and the feet of the statue reaches 27 meters. The process of construction is done by PN Hutama with Ir. Sutami as executive architect.
The work was delayed because of the events PKI September 30 Movement in 1965.

The design of this statue based on the request of Bung Karno to show the might of Indonesia in the field of aerospace. The emphasis of the sculpture design means that to achieve strength, the Indonesian people rely on the properties Honestly, Bold and Vibrant

Wisma Nusantara.

Wisma Nusantara.

Wisma Nusantara is an office building 117 meters tall and 30 floors located in Indonesia roundabout, Jakarta, Indonesia. This building was built in 1964 and was completed in 1967 and was the first skyscraper in Indonesia. This building is located near the Hotel Nikko and opposite the Hotel Indonesia.

Hotel Indonesia.

Hotel Indonesia.

Hotel Indonesia is the first five-star hotel built in Jakarta, Indonesia. The hotel was inaugurated on August 5, 1962 by the First President, Sukarno to welcome the Asian Games IV in 1962. The building was designed by architect Hotel Indonesia Abel Sorensen and his wife, Wendy, from the United States. Occupying an area of 25 082 square meters, the hotel has the slogan A Dramatic Symbol of Free Nations Working Together.

The hotel was designated as a cultural heritage by the government of Jakarta with the issuance of Jakarta Governor Decree No. 475 dated March 29, 1993.

Bung Karno Stadium.

Bung Karno Stadium.

Sports (Stadium) Bung Karno is a multipurpose sports complex in Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia. The sports complex is named in honor of Sukarno, Indonesia's first president, who is also a character who sparked the idea of the construction of this sports complex.

In order to de-Soekarnoisasi, the New Order era, the name of the sports complex is converted into Senayan. After the passing wave of reform in 1998, the name of the sports complex is returned to its original name by the Decree of the President. With a capacity of about 100,000 people, the stadium that was built in the mid-1958 and the completion of its first phase in the third quarter of 1962, is one of the largest in the world. Ahead of the 2007 Asian Cup, the stadium renovation which reduces the capacity of the stadium into a 88 083 spectators.

Funded by soft loans from the Soviet Union was 12.5 million US dollars which certainty is obtained on December 23, 1958.
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