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Did you know a great invention that actually destroy the world.

Zyklon B.

Zyklon B.
Fritz Haber is Jewish Nobel prize-winning scientist who made a low nitrogen fertilizer and chemical weapons for Germany during World War I. Insecticide is the work that is widely used in grocery stores that are responsible for the deaths of about 1.2 million people. Zyklon B became the preferred method of execution preferred gas in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

Agent Orange.

agent orange in Vietnam.
Arthur Galston made chemicals that can accelerate the growth of soybeans and make these plants can be grown in areas that have short seasons. However, high concentrations it can make the plants bare. High concentration of a chemical substance is finally made as herbicides though Galston already explained the bad effects for humans. Then these substances supplied to the US authorities in casks-strip striped orange and 77 million liters of this substance (then called Agent Orange) deployed in Vietnam and 400,000 deaths and disabilities caused by abnormalities in 500,000 births.

Gatling Gun.

Gatling Gun.
Richard Jordan Gatling find Gatling Gun after he realizes that death in the American Civil War actually caused by illness, not by bullets. In 1877, he wrote: "If I can make a machine with a speed weapon in the shooting, making only a soldier can do battle as hundreds of soldiers, then I can replace the need for soldiers that much, and consequently, war and disease will be reduced much too. "Gatling gun is even successfully used to expand the powers of the European colonial empires who were ruthlessly eradicate indigenous people who only have traditional weapons.

Trinitrotoluene (TNT)

Know TNT? Joseph Wilbrand a German chemist who discovered it in 1863 for yellow dyes. TNT is an abbreviation of TriNiTroluene. However, in 1902, discovered the true power of TNT and TNT eventually be used as an explosive that is widely used in World War I and II. Until now TNT is still used for military purposes.

Leaded Petrol.

Leaded Petrol.
Thomas Midgley discovered that CFCs are cooling agents that are safer than the highly toxic refrigerants such as ammonia. But it turned out to destroy ozone. The idea that famous again is added tetrahedryl leads (lead tetrahedral) into gasoline. But in fact, it just adds to the long list of sins to cause lead poisoning people. He is dubbed as a man who "had a greater impact on the atmosphere than any one single organism in the history of the world."

Sarin Gas.

Sarin gas
Dr Gerhard Schrader is a German chemist who specialize in finding new insecticides. But he never resulted in the discovery that "defects" such as sarin and tabun, which is well known as a nerve agent.

Nuclear Fusion.

Nuclear Fusion.
Sir Marcus Laurence Elwin Oliphant was the first to discover that the heavy hydrogen nuclei can be reacted with each other. This fusion reaction is the basis of the hydrogen bomb.


The rocket was designed to be able to bring the object into space. However, this goal changed. Wernher von Braun is a scientist who made the Nazi V2 rockets that have killed 7,250 military personnel and civilians and 20,000 slave labor during manufacture. Then the USA develop ICBM rockets that can carry a lot of nuclear warheads. And finally was created Saturn V rocket that he managed to bring the man to the moon.


Anton 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine Köllisch develop as drugs to dampen the abnormal bleeding. This discovery was ignored for 70 years to become famous dance clubs in the early 80s. Eventually these substances into four major illegal drug that has killed about 50 people per year in the UK. Anton Köllisch himself died in World War I.

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You know the history of the clock.

hour glass.
Expected to be found and used by monks to mark his time praying with media bells ..
Only in the 1500s a locksmith from Germany find hours home with 10cm diameter by 12.5 cm and a thickness of 7.5 cm.
At the end of the sixteenth century, the bells began to be made up, in the seventeenth century clockwork began to be enriched with a layer of brass and glass cover and stylus minutes.
In 1656, born Grandfather's Clock (clock with a bell with a pendulum) as a measure of time. Then its role as a reliable timepiece replaced by Crystal Quartz which was implemented on the hour with a very minimal error rate.

Why 24 hours a day ?.

At first, the second term in English is known as
"second minute" (second minute), which means a small part of an hour.
The first part is known as the "prime minute" (minute premiere)
same with the minutes as it is known today.

The magnitude of this division fixated on 1/60, that is, there are 60 minutes in an hour
and there are 60 seconds in a minute.
It may be caused by the influence of the Babylonians, who uses a count system based sexagesimal (base 60).

The term clock itself has been discovered by the Egyptians in the rotation of the earth as 1/24 of the mean solar day.
This makes the second as 1 / 86,400 of a mean solar day.

In 1956, the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM)
under the mandate given by the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) to ten in 1954, describes the second in a period of rotation of the earth around the sun in the current epoch.

Because at the moment it has been realized that the rotation of the earth on its axis is not uniform enough to be used as a standard time.
Earth movement was described in Newcomb's Tables of the Sun, which gives a formula for the movement of the sun in the epoch in 1900 based on astronomical observations made during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Thus the second is defined as 1 / 31,556,925.9747 part of the sun at date 0 January 1900 12 hours ephemeris time.
This definition is ratified by the General Conference on Weights and Measures to eleven in 1960.

References to 1900 does not mean this is the epoch of the mean solar day contains 86,400 seconds.
Rather it is the epoch of the tropical year which contains 31,556,925.9747 seconds of Ephemeris Time.
Ephemeris Time (Ephemeris Time - ET) has been defined as a measure of time that gives the position of celestial objects visible in accordance with Newton's theory of dynamic movement.
With the making of the atomic clock, it was determined using an atomic clock
as the basis for the definition of seconds, no longer with the rotation of the earth.

From the work of a few years, two astronomers at the United States Naval Observatory (USNO) and two astronomers at the National Physical Laboratory (Teddington, England)
determine the relationship of the hyperfine transition frequency of the cesium atom and the ephemeris second.

By using common-view measurement method based on signals received from the radio station WWV, they determine that the orbital motion of the moon around the earth where the apparent motion of the sun can be guessed, in units of atomic clock time.

As a result, in 1967, the General Conference on Weights and Measures defined the second of atomic time in the International System of Units (SI) as the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation with respect to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium-133 atom .

The ground state is defined in the lack of circumstances (zero) magnetic field.
Seconds are defined the same as ephemeris seconds.
Definition seconds later was perfected in meeting the BIPM to include the sentence.

This definition refers to a cesium atom stationary at a temperature of 0 K.
In practice, this means that the realization of seconds with high accuracy should compensate for the effects of radiation around it to try mengextrapolasikan to the second price as mentioned above.

Digital Clock History.

Hamilton d Lancaster producing the world's first electric clock. Hamilton set a time electric clock with traditional balance wheel mechanism that has been used in part to the hundreds of hours a year and therefore no more accurate than another hour. However, instead of giving the mechanical strength of
spring, a battery is used to give strength to the mechanics so that the needs of rotation is no longer necessary.

Although people love the fact that they no longer use round the clock, it stops when it becomes corroded electrical contacts where there is no longer the life span of an hour. It makes a headache for the repair department Hamilton continuously updated on the deal until 1961.

Accutron by BulovaPada around that time, Bulove provide further substantial enhancement in the timing of electrically with Accutron watch them in 1960. It comes in the format of a U-shaped piece of nickel alloy that vibrates in response to electrical current from the battery. This vibration frequency is higher than the traditional style wheels, so for the first time an electric intercession be a neat idea which gives strength to the clock by offering better accuracy as well. Accutron also working on further problem with introducing electrical contact transistor, providing hours of work a long time without having to wear it. This clock is also closely related to the US space program that is used in the Mercury and Apollo spacecraft used by NASA to to the moon. Smooth the JamInovasi Swiss movement. However, the success of the scary Bulova Swiss watchmaker, who saw the potential challenges to their dominance in terms of the quality of the timer. They come together to fund research lab CEH (Center Electonique Horloger). CEH target their research to find oslilator more accurate than horseshoes nickel.

Quartz movement has been used for the first time in hours in 1930; until the early 60s they even have used it in naval chronometer (although there is no denying the accuracy can not be predicted). CEH set about increasing the accuracy and up to the mid 60s and Bernard Golary Longines has created a pocket watch that has an accuracy up to 0:01 seconds a day.

In 1967, CEH producing watches with quartz movement first. In regard to the increase in microelectronics, the integration of electronic circuits has increased making it more energy efficient, making quartz movement can fit in a wristwatch. However, the Swiss manufacturers continue to refine their mechanical engineering and then equaled Bolova through traditional means. After many years of research, Switzerland saw quartz
as a mode that will pass, taking into account the mechanical advantage of their error which would show them to survive as a king of the heap; it was poor judgment which will sometimes lead to death in some companies.

Japanese interpretation.

While the Europeans play one-upmanship with the various techniques they, Seiko has been constantly taking a fresh look at quartz and it is a Japanese company that issued the first quartz watch in the world - Hours Astron 25SQ - in Japan on December 25, 1969. Valuable expensive , with a price of 450,000 yen ($ 1,250 in 1969 exchange rates). Has a flat face, clot (not as thin mechanical watch Switzerland) and also painful with so many technical difficulties that make Seiko end by pulling it after only produce 100 hours.

However, despite the apparent failure, also marks a new stage in the technology of hours where we will never turn. Quartz technology has been on a new step forward in the year 1970; many Japanese watchmaker Seiko follow the path, also made the Americans, until sometimes when Switzerland climb to join though not until some other manufacturers collapsed. This competition leads to the thinness, the hours are more hungry accuracy. Even with the addition of more features such as the progress of the 70s, the next leap just the way place.

History Hours sand.

Hourglass sand clock or consists of two glass bloat loaded fine sand (one above one below) and are connected by a narrow pipe. Shows the average time for an hour. Factors having an effect in the appointment time is, the volume of the tube, the type of quality sand and wide neck.
According to some experts hourglass created d Alexandria about the middle of the third century. Where in those days, people bring hourglass everywhere as we do with this present hour. There is also the opinion in the 11th century, also added a compass to indicate the direction. Another opinion, hourglass first appeared in the year 1338 is estimated based on the painting Allegory of Good Government of Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Records have been found regarding the early existence of the hourglass is a list of Thomas de Stetesham sales revenues in the year 1335.
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The early history of the emergence of a train in Japan.

The early history of the emergence of a train in Japan
History is sometimes jump, though not infrequently he moves creep. The author tried to capture the development and leap events in the history of railways in Japan that make up the history of the glory of his ministry. In present-day train service (KA) has two main characteristics, namely timeliness and good rail capacity. Reading books on the history of Japanese railway will bring us to an understanding of the existence of a long process of the presence of this a reliable mode of transportation. Chronology of historical events becomes important to learn in terms of making the railway as one of the main support of transportation in Indonesia. Therefore, the circuit in this paper will review some part in the history of trains in Japan are hopefully able to be used as a means of learning.

The presence of KA in Japan can not be separated from the Meiji Restoration in progress. Exposure to the modernization which is the main symbol of the Meiji Restoration utilized by the minister Kingdom of England to market the central railway technology they develop. At that time, railway technology can be likened to LTE technology today, where every pair of eyes in the whole world a great desire to see and develop this technology. Railway technology is believed to revolutionize the pattern of human movement and transportation of goods in the world, because the train is believed to be able to eliminate the speed and capacity constraints faced by other modes of transportation at that time. At the time this technology was introduced by the British government, the Japanese government actually is experiencing crop failures in the Tohoku region. Crop failure this be one for the rapid adoption of railway technology in Japan, because the Japanese government believes that the adoption of this technology is able to cope with a similar crisis by bringing food faster than Japan over the country to the area of crisis (such as Tohoku).

Although approved by the government, the adoption of this technology is apparently not immune from the opposition. The biggest opposition comes from the military who put priority on weaponry and isolationism. Isolationism is a notion that is fairly common in Japanese society, where they assume railway built by foreign engineers is a strange alien tool. After having some problems in terms of contracts and administration, the Meiji government finally agreed on plans to build railway line. The first railway line was built in 1872, which connects the state capital of Tokyo and Yokohama port. Yokohama is one of the few ports that are built to increase international trade. After conducting a survey in 1870, eventually train line along 29 km successfully operating in 1872. The success story of this development was followed by the construction of the railway line from Osaka to the port of Kobe. Not long ago, the development process is then forwarded by linking Osaka - Kyoto (1876) and Osaka - Otsu (1880).

Several series of events is at least provide some important lessons for the development of the railway line. The first lesson is the development priorities that put the construction of the trade support in the first position. Japanese government policies that build towards the port town center lane (ie Tokyo-Yokohama and Osaka-Kobe) to support the trade, as well as the mindset of the railway line design for food security in parts of the country is one of the important messages about this development priorities. This message becomes very interesting, because today is generally understood that the primary function is as a passenger train and parse congestion, with little attention to the transport of goods. This understanding is not entirely wrong, but when they put the mindset in terms of competitiveness of domestic products and the effectiveness of the distribution of goods, the development of railway lines must accommodate effectiveness in the distribution of goods. Because the price of any goods to consumers contained costs to distribute, the development of the railway line to lower the cost of distribution of goods becomes an important message that should be underlined. In the future this mindset is also used as a primary consideration in conducting wide standardization rail, where the increase in the capacity of rail cars to offset the progress of the chemical industry can not be done without wide standardization rail.

The second important lesson is the need for lengthy process of building a railway. Convenience of transportation life enjoyed by the people of Japan at this time apparently was the result of a long process that began before 1872. This process went through a phase heaving, privatization-nationalization phase, up to the phase of competition with private vehicles. Therefore, comparing the conditions of transport Indonesia with Japanese transportation is not a wise comparisons, especially with the analysis that expensive vehicle tax, and parking spaces are expensive as the main reason for the tendency of the Japanese people to use public transport. Before starting the vehicle use policy tightening, Japan already has a long history of the development of mass transportation as the backbone of the nation's transportation system. They were also lucky when competition between private vehicles and mass transit was at its peak, world war forced the restriction of the use of fuel for military purposes only. Thus, mass transportation has been prepared in advance remains the top choice of Japanese society.

The third message is no less important is the relationship with the railway line of defense and security of the nation. At the beginning, the military are those who feel most aggrieved by the construction of this railway, although in the future the military is a very disadvantaged in the distribution logistics and soldiers in wartime. Even when the idea of railway electrification is done, the military considers returning this idea would endanger state resistance, since the attack on the electric train (KRL) easier deadly war logistics distribution channels rather than the use of steam trains.

This topic actually being a debate in Indonesia, so hopefully some important messages from the history of nationalization and privatization in Japan can be drawn lessons to be implemented in Indonesia.
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 Train is a form of rail transport that consists of a series of vehicle being driven along the railway line to transport cargo or passengers. The driving force is provided by a separate locomotive or individual motors in some units. Although historical propulsion steam engines dominate, modern forms of the most common is a diesel engine and electric locomotives, which is supplied by overhead wires or additional rails. Other energy sources including horses, rope or wire, gravity, pneumatics, batteries, and gas turbines. Railroads usually consist of two, three or four tracks, with a monorail and maglev guideways in the mix. The word 'train' comes from the Old French language trahiner, from Latin trahere 'pull, draw'.
There are various types of train designed for a specific purpose. Train can consist of a combination of one or more of the locomotives and attached railroad cars, or a self-propelled multiple unit (or occasionally a single or articulated powered coach, called a train car). The first train pulled by a rope shape, gravity powered or pulled by horses. From the beginning of the 19th century, almost all of them supported by a steam locomotive. From the 1910s onwards the steam locomotives began to be replaced by less and cleaner (but more complex and expensive) diesel locomotives and electric locomotives, while at the same time some self-propelled vehicle unit either power system became much more common in passenger service.


Railway history as the history of transportation generally beginning with the invention of the wheel. Originally known chariot consists of only one train (series), and then made a horse-drawn carriage which attracts more than one series and running in certain lines of iron (rail) and is called the gauge. It is used especially in areas where there is mining trucks and pulled coupled with horsepower.
After James Watt invented the steam engine, Nicolas Cugnot make three-wheeled vehicle fuel vapor. People refer to it as an iron horse vehicle. Then Richard Trevithick made locomotive engine coupled with the train and use it on a show in front of the general public. George Stephenson perfect race to win the locomotive locomotives and used in the path of the Liverpool-Manchester. At that time steam locomotive that used constructed locusts. Completion for the improvement made to obtain a more effective steam locomotives, large power, and is able to train more attractive.
The discovery of electricity by Michael Faraday made several discoveries that followed the invention of the electric equipment electric motor. The electric motor is then used to create an electric tram which is the forerunner of an electric train. Then Rudolf Diesel diesel trains bring a more powerful and more efficient than steam locomotives. Along with the development of electrical and magnetic technology is more advanced, they invented magnetic train has a speed above the speed of regular trains. Japan in the 1960s operate KA Super Express Shinkanzen Tokyo-Osaka route that eventually developed further so as to reach almost all of Japan. Then France operate trains similar to the TGV name.

Types of trains.

In terms of propulsion (propulsion).
Steam train
Rail diesel Consists of:
Electric-diesel train (KRDL)
Hydraulic diesel train (KRDH)
Light rail
Train Magnetic Levitation (Maglev)

In terms of rail.

Conventional rail trains.

Conventional rail train is a train that we usually encounter. Using rail consisting of two steel rods were placed in a hard teak pads. In certain areas that possess the level of altitude steep, jagged used rails placed in the middle of the rail and using a special locomotive that has gears, and only in the island of Sumatra and Java

Monorail train.

Monorail train (single track rail) train track is not like a train line that is common. This rail consists of a single rod. Train layout is designed to hang on the rail or on the tracks. Because efficient, usually used as a means of urban transport, especially in metropolitan cities of the world and is designed much like the overpass.

In terms of the above / below ground level.

If a city is built with cross overpass or underground, then there is no railroad crossing, so the train schedule can be 1.5 to 2 minutes as happened in Japan. Therefore KRL in Jakarta is not possible to operate less than 10 minutes, because there is still a train crossing, consequently also each set of KRL is always full.

Rail surface (surface).

Train running on the ground surface. Generally, a common rail trains are of this type. Construction costs for the train is the cheapest surface than underground or elevated. Generally the track surface in Indonesia was built before World War II.

Railroad overpass (elevated / viaduct).

Railroad overpass running over with the help of poles, this is to avoid cross plot, so as not to require railroad crossing gates. Costs incurred approximately three (3) times of trains surface with the same distance, for example, to train surface requires $ 10 million to train the overpass to cost $ 30 million. In Jakarta there is a path through the City of Manggarai to Gambir station. At the center of this cross, Manggarai - City, there is no railway crossings. The initial plan was to cross the east (Jatinegara - Monday - City) and cross-west (Manggarai - Tanah Abang), will also be posted but inadequate finances, so that only the central passage are solved temporarily. The plan of the Senayan traffic to Brass contained elevated monorail made in Malaysia. Instead it consists of a design that has been customized state of railroad history.

Underground train (subway).

Underground train is a train that runs below ground surface (subway). Trains of this type built by building tunnels under the ground as the railway line. Commonly used in a large urban city (metropolitan) like New York, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul and Moscow. In addition, it is also used on a smaller scale in the mining area. The costs are very expensive, because often penetrate 20m below the surface, time - the buildings and roads, namely 7 (seven) times that of the rail surface. For example, if to build with the same distance to the surface of the needed $ 10 million, then the underground require $ 70 million. In Japan cross subway construction has been started since 1905. Jakarta is planned to be built subway segment Upper Hamlet to the City of Jakarta Mass Transit Project. Thank you for reading this article.
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The fact that can not be explained by science.

Science is amazing. Being able to uncover the mysteries of life varied. Looking for alternative energy, treat disease, crawl space, and even create artificial living beings. All the wonders of the science that makes us amazed. But not all the mysteries of life can be solved. There are still many other phenomena that can not be answered by science. It is estimated that there are some phenomenon that has yet to be explained scientifically. Who knows you want to add it.

Taos hum.

Residents and visitors to the small town of Taos in New Mexico for years plagued by strange buzzing. The low frequency sound reverberate in the air along the desert. Interestingly, only 2 percent of the local residents who heard the voice. Some people believe that noise caused by vibration unusual. To this day the mystery of this strange buzzing yet nevertheless resolved.


For decades the reported findings of a large, hairy, big-footed and left a trail along the area in America. There are even eye witnesses as well. Funny thing is, there are no findings of organ pieces altogether. Just a photo and movie recording. Same with the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot by the majority of people considered to be just a myth. Its existence has not been proven scientifically.


Some people call this "sixth sense". Almost everyone has experienced using intuition intentionally or not. For example, when we feel that something is wrong, it's true. Psychology studies to analyze them as human ability to recognize an event to collect information about. We can know about something without understanding how. But nevertheless there is no acceptable explanation in science about this.

Disappear In Mysterious.

Humans can be lost due to many reasons. Escape, accident, killed, and can still be found. But there are some cases where people disappeared mysteriously. Call it a crew of Spanish Marie Celeste, Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earthart and Natalee Holloway. These are the names of people who disappeared without a trace. Yet there is also a scientific explanation of this mystery.

Ghosts From the works of Shakespeare.

Machbet, to a variety of the latest television shows, always menceritakaan presence of the spirit of the deceased. Around the world, perbagai country, people believe in ghosts. Ghost hunter and most new technology to try to explain the scientific basis of these creatures. Unfortunately, there is still no acceptable explanation of human knowledge.

Déjà vu.

Derived from the French language, which means "never seen", déjà vu is an event where we feel ever experienced something similar in the past. Almost everyone experienced. There are regarded as experience in a previous life. The psychologists try to explain it in a naturalistic. But this incident remains a mystery.


Can not be denied that so many people witness reported the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), from flying saucers to being bald with elongated eyes. Astronomers believe that the meteor from outer space. But is there any living thing out there? A question that has not been answered by science.

Almost Experience and Life After Death Dead.

In Indonesia, the term dormant, dead back to life momentarily. It turns out that these events experienced by humans in all continents of the world. This experience revolves around an average of blinding rays that were found on the way to the afterlife. The skeptics consider it only as halunisasi. Religious people who believe that it is God's light. Scientific explanation? No.

Power of Psychic.

It is the power that exceeds intuition, where people can predict what will happen in the future. Part of getting out of a dream or a sudden got a vision about what will happen. In Indonesia, known as psychic or healer or a fortune teller. This power also can not be analyzed scientifically.

Relationship of Body and Mind.

Health sciences indeed believe that our thoughts affect physical condition. In the placebo effect for example, demonstrates how a disease can be gradually improved by means of the patient to think of positive things. Or mental suffering actually worsen health conditions. But until now scientists have not been able to explain the scientific details of the relationship between mind and body. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
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Do you know the secret behind the dollar.

Regarding the secret behind the Dollar, but the actual amount was worn in the eye there is a secret veiled. Because that's the way the Illuminati control of the World. This data is made in good faith and with the fact the fact that happens in this world.

Now we go back to the 911 tragedy (September 11) in which the WTC twin towers in New York collapsed was hit by two aircraft, defense and security of the American military headquarters, the Pentagon also damaged hit by a plane. But was it so? It's so easy sturdy buildings constructed of steel that can be toppled? Indeed, there is the calculation of theoretical physics that makes it impossible. But I am not going to explain it today. Now we discuss only thing more absurd than that.

United States stand approximately 450 years ago. At which time the enactment of the US currency is also colored green. And since 450 years ago is also the American currency was never revised. Now let us examine the currency since 450 years ago it has not changed its shape.

Beginning of money 20 dollars.

This money 20 US Dollars:

Try folding:

Now fold again like this:

If it so now we fold like this, and see the image below;

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

For this time proved that the money 20 US Dollar conspiracy to keep secret about the destruction of the Pentagon. (by whom? The currency is the US has its own ??)

Now we are to New York with 20 half-crumpled dollar this, to see what's in there. Still at 20 US Dollar which has not been changed since 450 years ago.

Now we see the other side of the money 20 dollars;

Now we see the other side of the money 20 dollars;

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

 Yes, that's right ... it is the WTC twin towers of New York who is now a distant memory. The left portion was hit by United Airlines Flight 175 from sliding out of the right side of the building. While the right side was hit by Flight 11 American Airlines owned by sliding from the left.

It is a picture after the Pentagon was hit by a plane. See pictures smoky building.

See the article on the right and on the left the money, which is full of The United State of America. (Did 450 years ago the two airlines that already exist? The answer, of course not. Even to 2 WTC building pentagon and have not even built.)

Mystery Face of George Bush "horned" On the Money 20 Dollar;

 A man claims to have found a face that resembles the face of former US President George Bush on the watermark or watermark in the money 20 dollars issued in 2004. The man who download youtube video through this provides an explanation of how the face of George Bush "horned" in the money 20 dollars in 2004 can be seen. He then compares several US dollar bills 20 outputs the same year and again the figure of the former US president faces the back looks.

Mystery Face of George Bush "horned" On the Money 20 Dollar;

Is this just a coincidence or is there some sort of veiled message or conspiracy theory which is to be conveyed. Indeed, a lot of the mystery hidden in American dollars in the form of symbols and messages that imply meaning.

OSAMA 9-11;
Now we discuss the most bizarre part of this 20 us dollars. Take a good look at this picture!

OSAMA 9-11

Have 450 years ago OSAMA BIN LADEN born ??
For 20 Dollars secret behind this, can the discovery of code: 911 (September 11) >> 9 + 11 = 20

Enough for 20 dollars, because we creased fold-fold now we exchange with a 50 dollar and 10 dollar. Look at this!

In 50 US Dollar which has not been changed since 450 years ago there was also a secret destruction of the World Trade Center in New York.

On 10 Dollar Currency;

10 Dollar

50 Dollar;

50 Dollar

100 dollars;

100 Dollars

One Dollar

Try write One Dollar, then put the glass under the posts. Read the One Dollar is in the glass! It will be read Our Dojjal which means "Dajjal Us" (Our in English means "We Belong") or it can also mean "Land of the Antichrist" (Our in Hebrew means "Land")

One Dollars

 At that time the committee was formed to make the American currency (dollars) consisting of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adam and Pierre du Simitiere who were all members of illumination and 33rd degree Freemason Even Thomas Jefferson was a follower of the mystical religion Desime be pioneer of the Unitarian-Universalist birth of thinking.

At that time, the ideas of Adam Weishaupt and his Novus Ordo Seclorum has pervaded the entire life of the members of the Freemasons. As a tribute to Adam Weishaupt was a central figure of the Zionists, they agreed that the symbol of the American dollar wear symbols of the Illuminati and includes the name of the book's title Weishaupt as the motto of the US dollar.

One Dollar

They did not choose the currency in the form of fractions of five, ten or twenty dollar kerana fractions representing the thought "the new world". That is why on the one-dollar denominations loaded with the philosophy of the Illuminati.

Prof. J.S. Malan in his writings, New Age Reforms:

"All the world's natural resources such as monitors and industry should be controlled entirely by the" world government "kerana this way, the system of equations as well as the welfare of the world economy can be implemented and enjoyed equally. The whole world has only one monitoring system that monitors under a centralized body. By way sepertii allows "world government" run discretion to control the entire country and the people. "

World must "submit" and "worship" to the dollar as a medium to get a gift from god (Satan) Lucifer. Those who have an abundance of dollars will be able to be superman. Those who master the dollar as well - in the field of economics - are those who rule the world.

The entire international financial institutions that have been pioneered by Mayer Rothschild had to demonstrate prowess in the field of authority. Ownership of banks, multinational and technologies including microchip should majorati owned by fraternity members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

members of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.


Coat Pharaoh / Pyramids of Gaza, Tower of Babel, the brick Kekuasaan.Jumlah Hierarchy Pyramid is 13 lines (13 = the lucky number of the Illuminati) which consists of 72 brick.

One Eye:

Control showed the world under the watchful eyes of god "devil Lucifer" (the eye of Lucifer). In the opinion of Robertson Batt:
light or the eyes of the God of Ancient Egypt (Osiris), God always they kunjugi on the sidelines of a meeting held secret followers of al-Masuniyyah. Gen. William G.Carr of America explained that the existing light or eye above the pyramid emitting light into all directions, which implies representation and oppression as the Gestapo perisikan founded by Weishaupt under the symbol of brotherhood with the aim of keeping a secret organization and forcing the human subject the laws of the organization through oppression.

Annuit Coeptis:

Overwhelming gift (favor our online undertaking). Two words that are listed at the top of the symbol which means "Truly our interests loaded with various success". He also bererti "Glory Belongs to Us" or "Full Interests Success" or "The Great The Beraja" or also means "King Special" or "Cover (Seal) The Egyptians". Meanings as that is what was meant by the words that exist in the US dollar bills the "Seal Greatest Owned King Special" which determine the origin of the altitude and the influence that shape keperibadiannya it and returned to the land of Egypt which is recognized by the Antichrist as the jewel in this earth. 2 The word may also be found in French Le grand Coptis that bererti the biggest Qibti. Meanwhile, al-Qibti is "the Egyptian" and not a christian. Anneoun also Bererti Circle or al-Khatam means seal. The seal is a seal Dajjal Confessing himself as the greatest sorcerer (of offspring) Egypt.

Novus Ordo Seclorum:

Literally means "New World Order" or "New Public Administration". Thought and the name of a famous book written by Adam Weishaupt. The book contains concepts, doctrines and theories about global thinking. Done prepared on May 1, 1776 that the Communist Celebration Day around the world. One thing that should be noted is that this symbol is made on the basis of ideology of al-Masuniyyah / Freemason after joining this organization to organization Illuminati / Nurainiyyah Wilhemsbad after the holding of the congress in 1782.

The Great Seal:

The lower part of the UK who intend seal bearing the Greatest.

In God We Trust:

Means only the one God - Satan Lucifer and Jehovah - we believe.


Which stands for Novus ordo empire which means new imperialist governments.



Date written with letters romance is officially the date of announcement of the formation of the organization Supporting Light Satan "Illuminati". This is the first principle placement to easily occupy the brain world, earth and wealth. That date is not the date of the announcement of Independence document.

Bird Coat Phoneix:

Means a symbol of freedom. The number of letters in Annuit Coeptis is 13 equal to the number of letters in E.Pluribus Unun. Star above the bird was 13 and forming a star of David (the star of David). 13 leaves, 13 feathers on the wings and 13 arrows, 13 flags line which terminates birds. Figures 13 itself is a symbol of power four corners of the world (North-South-East-West). 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 corners. Eagle is in the United ringgit banknotes On it there are six pointed star is a symbol for Jews, Israelis and Zionists and sign for each associated with legacy kewujudan Hebrew or Jewish Nazi. The followers of al-Masuniyyah call the star as "Clothes Iron King David" (Dira 'David). According to them, Solomon inherited that armor. In view of the Jews, the star hinted 2 eyes on the inside of the two triangles. And side of each triangle is the same eye. According to the indictment of the Jews, Solomon has shown attention to the triangle, as if the triangle is "Eye of God". At the end, the eye and the triangle becomes "Symbol of God" itself. That's the reason and basis of the Jews and the followers of al-Masuniyyah symbol deify it.

Bird Coat Phoneix:

1 Dollar

A detailed description of this special 1 Dollar visit me the following note:
There's more mystery behind money One Dollar, you try to look at the picture the back of the one dollar this.

1 Dollar

 Looks not how many Masonic symbols in the back of the One Dollar, now let's see what secrets contained wrote in the front of the One Dollar.

One Dollar

On the right picture of George Washington at the front of the One Dollar you can see the symbol of the "Department of the Treasury". The emblem consists of keys, scales of justice, and also a picture box (which form the pita triangles), which became an important symbol in Freemasonry. If you look inside the box, you will see 13 holes (white dots) that are in it. There are also 39 green points surrounding the box, keys and scales. Remember, the number 39 is 13 x 3, and also the 39: 2 is 19.5. Figures 19.5 can be seen in the design of Cydonia, Mars, Avebury, England and Washington DC

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove

  see images of owls hidden at the end of the dollar this:

worship of the Bohemian Grove

 It is not another form of idol worship of the Bohemian Grove (group rituals Washington US officials), as a symbol of their rituals:

Bohemian Grove ritual

 An explanation of the Bohemian Grove see here:
And lastly if drawn pictures david star on the image pyramid, there is a hidden message that reads MASON (mean Freemasonry / Illuminati);


But now, we will discuss the other currencies, the first:

sheet $ 2;

sheet $2

From the picture above with description, we can see:

Looks ahead:
1. The face of Thomas Jefferson (third president of the United States as well as members of Bavarian Illuminati) arranged such that the nose, forehead, ears and eyes form a one-eyed pyramid symbol. And is not it odd that both eyes facing different directions / squint?

Thomas Jefferson

2. Figures 6 that "special" for the Illuminati strongly associated with the life of Thomas Jefferson. He has six children, his wife died on September 6, and sculpture legacy, "Jefferson Memorial" stands as tall as 6 feet.

3. Now look at the symbol of the seal on the right:

And there is the key image, which some people interpret it as a revealer, shows the power and influence of the Illuminati (or symbol of Monarch Mind Control, etc.).

 at the bottom of the listed number 1789, which is the year in which the Illuminati do their great actions. As US president George Washington made and start the French Revolution. And there is the key image, which some people interpret it as a revealer, shows the power and influence of the Illuminati (or symbol of Monarch Mind Control, etc.). At the top there is a scale, which states the balance between the strength of the old world (Freemasons, the Bavarian Illuminati, etc.) and new world powers (a mixture of the secret organization that led to the New World Order). There is also a row of 13 stars are hidden, which is no less important to the Illuminati. The figure shows the 13 offspring and 13 groups that received "enlightenment" (denoted by stars).

The figure shows the 13 offspring and 13 groups that received "enlightenment" (denoted by stars)

4. Sources say that John Trumbull, painter drawing back the money drawing 47 people in total. But the original prints there were only 42 people for 5 other people are the enemies of the Illuminati.

5. Some of the people who appear in the picture is showing signs secret Illuminati: sitting with legs crossed and hand movements like finger "metal":

sitting with legs crossed and hand movements like finger "metal":

6. Emergence of several important figures of the Illuminati, such as George Clinton, the ancestor of President Bill Clinton and Stephen Hopkins, influential people at the time and the only person in the picture wearing a hat, which indicates that the position is very important to the Illuminati.

7. Sources said that the words "Two Dollars" in the bottom corner is a play on words of "To Owl's Lard" which is the secret code for members to recruit new members. Owl owl refers to the core of the teachings of the Bohemian Grove and Lard refers to the symbol of wealth at that time.

8. And many more that can be searched if the reader carefully .....
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