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No More Fight Club.

Venturing bad start does not make the position Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini immediately shaken. City sporting director Begiristain Txixi backup position the new manager.
According to him Pellegrini managed to build a conducive atmosphere in City training center in Carrington.
"The atmosphere is very nice. With a good atmosphere to grow the confidence of players," said Beigiristain.
The statement is a form of support Begiristain to Pellegrini, although in previous games beaten City 2-3 Cardiff City promotion team.
Begiristain more confidence than coach Pellegrini The Citizen earlier, Roberto Mancini. Although presenting the FA Cup in 2010-2011 and Premier League champions next year, Mancini failed to cool the temperature in Carrington.
Under coach nicknamed Mancio, a number of players are involved in the dispute among themselves.
Start unruly Mario Balotelli Carlos Tevez refused to play when his team got beat Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) last season.
Because the team atmosphere is always "hot", the British media and even had time to call City as a "fight club".
But it must be recognized that the burden of the Chile national coach is much easier, because the two "culprit" was already gone away. Tevez to Juventus in lego and Balotelli to AC Milan.
UCL draw this season put back together Die Rotten City, CSKA Moscow and Plzen. Begiristain believes his team will win easily.
"We are happy with the tactics manager. Important point appointing his experience in the Champions League. We do not want only good in domestic, we are in a good situation right now," he said again. Thank you for reading this article.
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