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Lorenzo Marquez-Setting Thriller.

Equally San Marino Win Last Two Years.
Marc Marquez winning streak broken in the British MotoGP held in Siverstone, two weeks ago.
In conditions not fit because of a fall in the warming up session, he was still able to show super-exciting duel with Jorge Lorenzo.
Been going strong this weekend, they set thriller spectacle this weekend at the San Marino MotoGP.
"I feel much better since the accident at Silverstone. So hopefully I am in the condition of nearly 100 percent this weekend," said Marquez, who defend the Repsol Honda.
Marquez admits recovery period is not yet over. She is still undergoing physiotherapy in Bacelona.
That's why she came a little late than usual schedule undertaken in the race weekend.
"I arrived in Italy a little late than usual for the race this weekend because I am going to spend more time undergoing physiotherapy for the shoulder," he continued.
Marquez recognizes outstanding results at Silverstone could not be separated from the characteristics of the fast track.
Not a lot of corners that the impact will be physically demanding. Unlike the Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Misano, San Marino is a lot of slow corners.
" Misano took a lot of braking and trajectory are smaller and slower when compared with other circuit racing calendar . So it will be interesting spur MotoGP bike there , " said Marquez .
" Once again the goal is to work as usual . Focus to Sunday and prepare ourselves as best as possible, " he said .
Ambition Marquez win clash with high motivation Lorenzo ( Yamaha Factory Racing ) who end hunger victory at Silverstone . The victory was a first win after the last in the can in Catulanya on June 16.
Towards the San Marino MotoGP , Lorenzo said that he 's really recovered .
Remnants of injuries suffered in the Netherlands and Germany are forcing up the operating table is no longer perceived .
" I feel strong again , like when Montmelo and Mugello before the accident ( in Assen ) . Appearance at Silverstone very well . The only weak point about the top speed when compared to its rivals . But , finally we can achieve a great victory over Marc ( Marquez ) , "said Lorenzo .
Lorenzo chance to win again wide open . He's always been a winner in the last two races in San Marino .
" Misano is a circuit that I enjoy and Yamaha also comfortable there . My goal is to fight to win back . Our focus from one race to the next race will be trying to improve our speed , " due diligence.
However , Marquez is also very great in San Marino . In the last two seasons , he's always there when appearing win in Moto2 .
Therefore, when Marquez and Lorenzo in the best conditions , is likely to be presented a very exciting race like in Silverstone. When the new Lorenzo seized pole position in the last two corners .
Lorenzo 0.008 seconds ahead after a few times each salip with Marquez .
Marquez now leads the standings with 233 points pack , 30 points ahead of teammate Dani Pedrosa, who became its nearest rival . While Lorenzo was third with 194 points . Thank you for reading this article.
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