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Coach helped Indonesian Overseas

The presence of coaches that crisscrossed in other countries certainly can not be ruled out Indonesian badminton organization committee, both at the central and provincial level.
Their existence a little more open paradigm athlete or a foreign club to come to Indonesia, including Surabaya.
The goal is simply doing sparring game or practice in Surabaya badminton club. Among the dozens of Indonesian coach who wander in foreign lands. Arif Rasidi there are now addressing badminton club in the suburb of Paris, France.
"Why did we choose Surabaya? Course in addition to a relatively affordable rates, we can go home," he explained.
Arif original Sidoarjo it is using the moment to return home when Eid to bring athletes practicing in Surabaya.
"Every year, when I got home I took them (French badminton player)," he said.
Besides him there are still some other Indonesian coach. Recorded from WIMA PB alone there are at least six coaches. Its distribution is three coaches in MBA (Michael Badminton Academy) Malaysia. Three others each train at the club FYC Badminton Club Thailand, India and the Assam Badminton Club Singapore national team.
"Their presence certainly helped make these clubs bring their students into the city," Ferry said Stewart, WIMA PB club builder. He explained that Indonesia is still respected coaches in the country lura. Figures obtained tens of millions of dollars WIMA club coach who now handles such a foreign club.
"Indeed, if it matters, we can not put aside. In sum was adrift quite different when they practice at WIMA," he said.
In PB WIMA, Ferry reveals that Asian clubs who use the services of the coach was not separated from its sister club the launching of the program with these clubs.
"By experience we can exchange knowledge and latest developments badminton coaching. Though generally foreign teams studying in Indonesia," he explained later. Thank you for reading this article.  Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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