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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

You Need to Know story youth 19 years of the ignition Bandung Ocean of Fire.

Bandung Ocean of Fire
March 24, 1946 . The cold air that night did not dampen the spirit of the two young men to test their guts Republic : beloved city burned . Armed with hand grenades , they intend to blow up 1,100 tons of gunpowder in the arsenal belonging to the Japanese in the area Dayeuh Conservative , south London . Two youth was later immortalized by the name of Muhammad Toha history and Muhammad Ramdan .
On the day of the Assembly of the Union of Struggle Priangan ( MP3 ) has decided Bandung will be burned so that allied forces could not use the facilities abandoned city residents and the army of the Republic . The consensus decision was announced by Colonel Abdel Haris Nasoetion as Commander Division III / Priangan . He also asked about 200 thousand citizens of Bandung to leave the city when it was . Ramdan Mohamad Mohamad Toha and sent to the heroic task .
Earlier on 21 November 1945 , the first allied forces delivered an ultimatum that northern Bandung Indonesia vacated by no later than 29 November 1945 .
The threat was made ​​a furious Republican fighters . Since the frequent incidents crossfire between allied forces and fighters of the Republic . Because of lost weapons , not the soldiers finally managed to retain the republic north of Bandung . Until March 23, 1946 , two days before the event Bandung Ocean of Fire , allied forces deliver an ultimatum demanding both the Army of the Republic of Indonesia ( TRI ) emptying south London .
At that time the Minister of People's Security Sjarifoeddin Amir came to London and TRI ordered to vacate the city . Although the order was reluctantly obeyed . However, before leaving London , TRI launch an attack on the allied army posts .
In the midst of a great battle against the allied forces of the Republic of fighters that young figure of 19 years , Mohammad Toha and his comrades in arms Mohammad Ramdan successful mission to blow up an ammunition depot making Bandung shrouded blazing fire . The event was called Bandung Ocean of Fire . Both are willing to sacrifice their lives participating in the fall of the powerful explosion .

As to whether the figure of Muhammad Toha ?

Born in Banceuy Street , City of London , in 1927 , Toha grown into an orphan because his father died Suganda . His mother , Nariah , then married again with Sugandi , Toha 's father 's sister . However, the marriage ended in divorce . Finally cared Toha grandfather and paternal grandmother is Jahiri and Oneng .
Toha entered elementary school at the age of seven years up to grade 4 . When World War II broke out , the school was forced to halt Toha .
When the Japanese invaded , Toha Seinendan joining forces . He also worked at a bike shop in Cikudapateuh . Furthermore Toha learn to be a car mechanic and works at a military vehicle depot Japan so that he is able to talk in Japanese .
After Indonesian independence Toha later joined the body fight Barisan Rakyat Indonesia ( BRI ) , which is led by Ben Alam , Toha 's own uncle . BRI then combined with Barisan Pioneers led by Anwar Sutan Barisan Banteng Pamuncak into the Republic of Indonesia ( BBRI ) . In this army commander Toha Section I Section Combat .
According to Ben Alam , uncle Toha , and Rahmat Sulaiman , Toha neighbors , and also commander in BBRI , youth Toha is an intelligent , obedient to parents , have strong discipline and liked by his friends . At that time people describe as brave young Toha with an oval face , stature around 165 centimeters and his eyes sharp .
Courage and willingness to sacrifice both young but intrepid youth until now remembered into two street names in the City Bandung.
Thank you for reading this article.  Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
name: Bambang Sunarno.
DatePublished: January 7, 2014 at 18:19
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