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You Need to Know story youth 19 years of the ignition Bandung Ocean of Fire.

Bandung Ocean of Fire
March 24, 1946 . The cold air that night did not dampen the spirit of the two young men to test their guts Republic : beloved city burned . Armed with hand grenades , they intend to blow up 1,100 tons of gunpowder in the arsenal belonging to the Japanese in the area Dayeuh Conservative , south London . Two youth was later immortalized by the name of Muhammad Toha history and Muhammad Ramdan .
On the day of the Assembly of the Union of Struggle Priangan ( MP3 ) has decided Bandung will be burned so that allied forces could not use the facilities abandoned city residents and the army of the Republic . The consensus decision was announced by Colonel Abdel Haris Nasoetion as Commander Division III / Priangan . He also asked about 200 thousand citizens of Bandung to leave the city when it was . Ramdan Mohamad Mohamad Toha and sent to the heroic task .
Earlier on 21 November 1945 , the first allied forces delivered an ultimatum that northern Bandung Indonesia vacated by no later than 29 November 1945 .
The threat was made ​​a furious Republican fighters . Since the frequent incidents crossfire between allied forces and fighters of the Republic . Because of lost weapons , not the soldiers finally managed to retain the republic north of Bandung . Until March 23, 1946 , two days before the event Bandung Ocean of Fire , allied forces deliver an ultimatum demanding both the Army of the Republic of Indonesia ( TRI ) emptying south London .
At that time the Minister of People's Security Sjarifoeddin Amir came to London and TRI ordered to vacate the city . Although the order was reluctantly obeyed . However, before leaving London , TRI launch an attack on the allied army posts .
In the midst of a great battle against the allied forces of the Republic of fighters that young figure of 19 years , Mohammad Toha and his comrades in arms Mohammad Ramdan successful mission to blow up an ammunition depot making Bandung shrouded blazing fire . The event was called Bandung Ocean of Fire . Both are willing to sacrifice their lives participating in the fall of the powerful explosion .

As to whether the figure of Muhammad Toha ?

Born in Banceuy Street , City of London , in 1927 , Toha grown into an orphan because his father died Suganda . His mother , Nariah , then married again with Sugandi , Toha 's father 's sister . However, the marriage ended in divorce . Finally cared Toha grandfather and paternal grandmother is Jahiri and Oneng .
Toha entered elementary school at the age of seven years up to grade 4 . When World War II broke out , the school was forced to halt Toha .
When the Japanese invaded , Toha Seinendan joining forces . He also worked at a bike shop in Cikudapateuh . Furthermore Toha learn to be a car mechanic and works at a military vehicle depot Japan so that he is able to talk in Japanese .
After Indonesian independence Toha later joined the body fight Barisan Rakyat Indonesia ( BRI ) , which is led by Ben Alam , Toha 's own uncle . BRI then combined with Barisan Pioneers led by Anwar Sutan Barisan Banteng Pamuncak into the Republic of Indonesia ( BBRI ) . In this army commander Toha Section I Section Combat .
According to Ben Alam , uncle Toha , and Rahmat Sulaiman , Toha neighbors , and also commander in BBRI , youth Toha is an intelligent , obedient to parents , have strong discipline and liked by his friends . At that time people describe as brave young Toha with an oval face , stature around 165 centimeters and his eyes sharp .
Courage and willingness to sacrifice both young but intrepid youth until now remembered into two street names in the City Bandung.

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