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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Want tattooed ? Read this first!

The topic of this tattoo is pretty much demand . In total there are about 8 people who asked for discussion on this subject , and may believe it or not , out of 8 people, 7 person is a girl ! Amazing is not it? The world is already changing . If the first person who tattooed ordinary metal band synonymous with the player , drug user or hardened criminals , but now the women also had a hobby of tattooed because it is considered as part of the " product " of beauty today .
Some parts of the body are usually in such tattoos on the back , behind the neck , arms , thighs , hands , until some sensitive parts of the body . Models also vary tattoo , tattoo picture of dragon , snake , duck , hello kitty tattoos until there also ! Demand was now ranging from junior high school children , mother -housewife , a young executive , pedicab to the officials and artists . If I ask , " doing the heck you use this tattooed so rich ? The answer is also varied , some say " macho " , " cool " , " man really " , " would tried ".
Tattoo comes from the Tahitian " tatu " which means a sign . The experts concluded that tattooing has existed since 12,000 years BC ( Before Christ) . The nations of ancient civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks have used tattoos as a sign for the They rate . Nation using tattoos to mark the Roman slave class and the prisoners . As with the Greeks , they wear tattoos as identification for members of their spy war at that time . Other ancient tribes also like Incas , Maori , Polynesians etc. also had tattoos on his day . In Indonesia alone , it is estimated that tattoo art is derived from islands of Mentawai and Dayak tribes in Borneo . Even supposedly if someone managed to chop off his head , he is entitled to a tattoo on his hand . So can kill first and tattoo gift !
Then how Islam views about this tattoo ? Let's get through it together . In Islam , the Qur'an and the Sunnah ( Hadist ) became the main reference in any case life . All the problems in our lives would have no clues and solutions in both these guidelines , including on this tattoo .
Allah says : " And I (Satan ) will actually mislead them , and will generate an empty delusion on them and will send them ( cut off the ears of cattle ) , and they really cut it , and would I ( demons ) told them ( changing God's creation ) , and then they actually change it . He who makes the devil becomes protector besides Allah , then verily he suffered a real loss . " ( An - Nisa ' : 119 )
In this verse , tattoos banned for changing the form of the creation of Allah SWT . He is the Creator has created beings and creatures in a state of the most perfect form . The order and regularity which has been governed by his very beautiful . We are given two eyes , two ears , one nose , one mouth , and was given a clean skin when born into this world . That form of his original creation .
Then when we tattoo , meaning there is a part of our body is changing , in terms of skin that was clean but now there is a picture or a giant serpent skin was smooth sudden hello kitty tattoo pictures , and so on . And this we have accounted all in the grave and the hereafter when back to him . Because we are not al - Khaliq ( the Creator ) , then we have no right to change the shape of his creations are already perfect . So , this is the first reason why tattoos are forbidden .
Furthermore, it is clarified by Rasululullah SAW in his hadist : " Allah cursed the women who connect her hair and asking to connect to, and the woman asked tattooed tattoo . " ( Narrated by Bukhari no. 5933 )
From this hadist is clear that tattoos are forbidden by Allah . He even threatened to curse anyone who dared to perform activities tattoos , whether tattooed or who ask for the tattoo . Widened slightly , in the hadist is also mentioned about the curse of Allah SWT for the women who connect hair ( hair extensions ) . But here I am not going to talk about the world of the hair 's because I'm not an expert on hair . So it is clear that the hadist of the Prophet is the second reason why tattoos are forbidden .
Moreover , the reason why tattoos are forbidden to 3 because it is unclean . Why unclean ? Because mixed with blood , a substance that is unclean . When the tattooed , tattoo ink is inserted into the body will be mixed with the blood in the body , so that the image is out in the hands of a mixture of ink tattoo with the blood in the body . So , on the outside of our bodies are dried blood that has been mixed with the make up tattoo ink . Then when we pray or worship other work , then our prayer is not valid due to the inherent unclean , namely the tattoo ( because it is mixed with blood ) . So this is the main reason why tattoos are prohibited and lead prayers or else we are not legitimate . This is in accordance with the word of God which forbids blood , " Forbidden to you carrion , blood , pork .. " ( Surah Al - Maidah : 3 )
There is also another opinion stating that the tattoo later banned because ablution water will not enter through the skin . I personally less agree with this because it is quite weak , in the sense that such an opinion could be broken by tattoo enthusiasts who are smart logic . So the logic is to be confronted with the logic of the approach as well . :)
First , they can say : " if it's ablution water does not enter into tattooed skin , but why sweat it out of the body ? " Or the second , they would say : " we just tattooed body parts that are not exposed to water ablution anyway , such as the abdomen or back . So tetep dong may use a tattoo ? "Now a question in their clever . So logically , the reason to the 3 most appropriate is that wherever it is located in parts of our body , the tattoo is unclean because of a mixture of ink and blood in the body , and it causes us worship like prayer will not be accepted because it is clear that the blood is unclean .
Wisdom is prohibited Tattooed medical terms .
What I have encountered in any command or prohibition in Islam , surely there is a great wisdom , included in the tattoo world . Speaking of medical terms , the facts show that people with tattoos have a great opportunity to get different types of diseases for free below :
- Hepatitis B and C
- Tetanus
- Abscess or abscess
- Chronic Infection
- Migraine
- Neurological disorders
- Systemic lupus erythematosus or lupus
- And a whole range of other diseases
Dr. . Irma Bernadette Simbolon , dermatovenereulogist ( skin doctor) from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital ( RSCM ) states that the person who likes to make a tattoo body ( tattooed ) very high risk of getting various diseases . Meaning making tattoo that hurt the body by a tattoo or piercing ( body piercing ) . When a tattoo needle piercing the limbs start , a chance to get hurt very large . In the wound that various germs lurking to get into the body . In addition , the wounds inflicted can cause irritation that leads to infections and various types of diseases I mentioned above such as hepatitis B and C , tetanus , Lupus , to HIV AIDS !
Other risks that must be addressed is the use of non-sterile tattoo needles. No one can guarantee that the tattoo using a sterile needle and new, and not used needles that have been used over and over again. Yes like the logical course, the tattoo was also a businessman who wants to make a profit from the activities of the tattoo. So if he could save the cost by way of savings tattoo needle, why not? If he still uses a new needle, but still there is a possibility he forgot or could not tell which are new and which are old.
Do not believe ? Want the real story ? Alright , check this out ! For the enthusiast of football , especially the English league , certainly know dong with Club Arsenal player Karl Fredrik Ljungberg named ? The Swedish player has always been a mainstay of Arsene Wenger ( Arsenal manager ) in the squad nicknamed the Gunners . However, since in recent years the name Ljungberg had not been heard in the world of football because of the coach has been rarely played and practical Ljungberg almost always sit on the bench .
Reasons Arsene Wenger does not want to play a Ljungberg is simple: because the players often headache ( migraine ) suddenly , and incredibly, it came without cause disease . Sometimes it comes at practice and sometimes come in when you're in the game . Arsenal Team doctors also can not detect the origins of migraine disease that often comes to Ljungberg . After approximately two years of extensive research , a team of doctors finally discovered why , which is derived from ink tattoos on her body !
Ljungberg is also modeled for Calvin Klein and it does look macho, macho increased by two panther tattooed on his body , each of which is in the back and stomach . Initially it looks macho , but it turns out , the risks posed enormous . According to team doctors , tattoo ink inside the body reacts to the lymph tissue in the waist causing inflammation in the nerve tissue , resulting in treat migraines and even cancer risk . So , rather than look macho , who finished his career there just because tattoos " duo tiger " it . The Arabic language , " khalas ! " Aka finished / completed .
From several international news sites on this subject :
" In 2005 a mysterious persistent hip injury led to fears he may have contracted cancer , the which were unfounded . It transpired that he was Suffering from blood poisoning the caused by his large tattoos . "
" In 2005 , Freddie Suffered Complications rare when the ink from the tattoo the caused a lymphatic gland to inflamed".
So in conclusion , the tattoo is unlawful and prohibited . In terms of any , either religious or health, a tattoo is not a good thing . Perhaps there are some of us who want to have a tattoo just because a trend or bandwagon , but believe that it's all just temporary. Maybe next year the tattooed person is tired and wants to eliminate the tattoo instead , as reflected in a recent survey in the United States that more than 50 % of people with tattoos feel sorry and want to remove the tattoo . This is not to mention the impact of dangerous diseases that could arise from the tattoos , ranging from HIV / AIDS , hepatitis C to lupus .
Soooo , do we still think that the tattooed macho when compared with a variety of adverse effects that could be caused by a tattoo ? ? ? Good thinking !
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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DatePublished: January 5, 2014 at 19:04
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