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Monday, 6 January 2014

Negotiation and Rate Terms brave when interviews.

Be Wise and Wise Miser Salary Confront the Company. 

Between workload and holidays, salary be the most effective motivator for employees.
But what if the company that proposed stingy giving salary?
For the job seeker that has been a long job hunt, get interview calls would like an oasis in the desert. Especially if the call is a bonafide company with offerings in accordance with the desired position.
Last but note that the salary offered is far below the standard. It was certainly uncomfortable even in a state job seeker in need of money.
There is a saying, there is little better than none at all. It was very fitting taken into consideration when faced with low pay deals in the middle of jobless. Then, if the interview calls must be met?
Career consultant and founder of Tim's Strategy Tyrell-Smith had a very simple solution, which is bold negotiations.
" Although the fit to the field of work being offered , do not keep silent if it paid lower . There are several ways that can be taken to fight for your income , " said Tyrell - Smith told U.S. News .

Option # 1.
Receive Bids to Add Experience. 

Receive an interview offer valuable experience to reinforce skills, both in terms of communication and pressures.
Includes acquainted with new people to expand the network. It is not impossible for new opportunities emerging from the interview process.
For personal and impressed with the skill, the company intends to revise the salary offer value. Unexpected things can be decisive in moments like this.
"Keep in mind, the slightest activity in the test selection process is used as the basis of assessment by the company," said Tyrell-Smith.

Option # 2.
Show me attitude. 

If it's work cut out, to convey the said words were polite but to the point that the numbers are too small to offer.
"It's okay for the job seeker members expressed that he refused to continue the selection process if the company does not raise the value of the offer," said Tyrell-Smith.
At that time the company must react quickly. Especially if it turns out they like with a portfolio of work experience that brought job seeker. 
If it wins in the bargaining process, applicants will normally be invited to participate in a more personal interview.
In that session, the job seeker can demonstrate seriousness in carrying out the task of the company.
Other risks of course the company will stand by the principle of early and look for a small salaried workers who are interested.
If that happens, the job seeker may consider the next option.

Option # 3.
Accept the Terms. 

Round the determination to get a job in this interview if it liked .
Perform negotiations for the company to want to include a clause in the contract salary evaluation. 
If unable to meet the company's targets assigned job within the next six months or (at the latest) one year, the salary should be raised. If the company refuses, there is no other option to run the last option. 

Option # 4.

There are times when the company is not able to give a big salary. Finally, the choice is job seeker
If it has long been looking for a job and tired of looking for a high-paying job, accepted it. 
But it's not the end of the world. There are still positive things that can be learned here. How was work can add to the experience and network.  If you enjoy, the employee can demonstrate achievement and can hope for is an increase , if not enjoy, the employee may seek a new job that pays more sense on the sidelines of the work , of course with the stock portfolio better.
Thank you for reading this article.  Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. 
name: Bambang Sunarno.
DatePublished: January 6, 2014 at 15:21
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