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Friday, 3 January 2014

Do You Know HACKER Rankings In The World?

Of course we as users or online activists familiar with the hackers. What is a hacker ..? Hackers are people who study, analyze, modify, breaks into computers and computer networks, either for profit groups and individuals.
But did you know that it turns out in the world there are level-level hackers from hackers to hackers petty class snapper.


They are people without experience and knowledge who wants to be a Hacker (wanna-be hacker). They usually read or hear about Hacker & want to like it. Use of their computers mainly to play games, IRC, exchange prirate software, steal credit card. Usually hacking using software trojan, nuke & DoS. Usually brag via IRC channels etc.. Because many shortcomings to achieve elite, in their development will only be up to the level of developed or script kiddie kiddie alone.

Script Kiddie.

Such as developed kiddie, Script Kiddie usually perform these activities. As well Lamers, they only have technical knowledge of networking is very minimal. Usually not separated from the GUI. Hacking is done using horses to frighten and distress living most Internet users.

Developed Kiddie.

The term is mainly due to the young age group (ABG) and still in school. They read about the methods of hacking and how on various occasions. They tried various systems to ultimately succeed and proclaimed victory to another. Generally they are still using the Graph UserInterface (GUI) and just learn the basic of Unix, without being able to find new weaknesses holes in the operating system.

Semi Elite.

Hackers are usually younger than the Elite. They also have the ability and extensive knowledge of computers. They understand about the operating system (including holes). Usually equipped with a small number of programs sufficient to alter the program exploits. Many of the attacks carried out by hackers who published this caliber, unfortunately by the Elite they are often categorized Lamer.


Also known as 3l33t, 3l337, 31337 or a combination of it is the spearhead of the network security industry. They understand the operating system, able to configure and connect a global network. Capable of programming each day. A very natural grace, they are usually efficient and skilled, using knowledge to the right. They like stealth to enter the system without in the know, although they will not destroy the data. Because they always follow the rules.
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
name: Bambang Sunarno.
DatePublished: January 3, 2014 at 15:49
Tag ; Hackers.