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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Did you know that the First McLaren Car Launching.

The launch of the MP4-29 May be the beginning of the season.
Formula1 2013 season be the worst period for McLaren in the last 30 years.
Not once did they ascend the podium. Approaching the 2014 season, McLaren showed determination to make up for it.  One of them is shown with the launch of the new MP4-29 car them.
Launching the MP4-29 may be the earliest of the season. McLaren will do it four days before the inaugural test at the Jerez circuit on January 28.
Until now, Mercedes has announced new car launch schedule. That is, they do coincide with the first day of trial.
The launch of the MP4-29 will be done online. Exact schedule at 12.00 noon UK time.
On that occasion, the two McLaren drivers, Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen will be present.
Magnussen will bear the burden of great weight in his first F1 season, because previously many people who doubt the ability of these young drivers.
Fans will not be difficult to find Mercedes MP4-29 difference with the previous car, a cursory look at it could, because the color of the MP4-29 car will be different from last season. Some British media reported that the MP4-29 will be the dominant color orange, it is the color of the McLaren Formula 1 cars in the 1960s. One of them M7A used in season 1968.
The color changes because McLaren did not renew the contract with Vodafone which is the main sponsor them in the last few seasons, they are synonymous with red and chrome.
Schedule the start of a new car launch at least suggests that McLaren is more prepared compared to other teams.
This season, the development of the car is more challenging because of the many new technical rules.
Start the engine of the previous turbocharged V6 or V8 wasted energy storage systems are more complicated, ERS.
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