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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Did you know that creepy cryptid creature.

Myth animals, although most are imaginary animals that can not prove its existence, but there are some animals that are based on reality. Cryptid is a term used to refer to a creature whose existence raised by various witnesses and events but most of them can not be accepted existence, even this cryptid creatures have come into our minds and imagination as imagining they exist and are all around us as if the cat and dogs living our kitchen garden.


A lot of people are afraid of snakes especially for the people in South America, they are frightened of snakes possibility of getting worse by the presence of animal stories giant anaconda myth of South America. Peruvian people refer to it as Yacu-Mama (Mother of the Water / Water Authority). A normal Anaconda can grow up to 6 meters, but some people who believe in the existence of the giant Anaconda Anaconda stated that the giant has a length of up to 50 meters or more.
Back to the past time of the first European adventurer to explore South America and Amazon in particular they often hear stories of local people about the story of the giant Anaconda but even so until now there has never been anyone who could prove the existence of the creepy animals. Even environmental conservation bodies to wild beasts promised a reward of U.S. $ 50,000 for living species are found. In the year 2009 two men who are father and son who came from Belfast, Ireland claimed that they managed to record and photograph the existence of the giant snake but experts still do not believe in the existence of Yacumama or the giant anaconda.


In Japan it is called Akkorokamui animals, whereas in Europe were called as Kraken and the other hemisphere simply known as giant squid.
However any animal myth name and call this one remains a frightening specter even more so to the sailors, just imagine you are sailing in the ocean and suddenly there slowly large tentacles crawl your ship, pull and drag your ships to the bottom of the sea and crew before making a meal.
At this time, we know that the story of the giant killer creature's tentacles are many stories and fairy tales are not real, but the ocean is a vast area with a depth that is not widely explored, who knows there is a depth of savage monster lurking and waiting to be found.
Regarding his own squid experts believe there is one species that colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) can reach a size of 12-14 feet when reaching adulthood, but until now the squid is only found in the small size and immature.

Giant Vampire Bat (Giant Blood-sucking bats). 

Madagascar has a call society "Fangalabolo" or spreader terror fly at night to call an animal which has a wing span of up to 1.5 meters.
In some other cultures in the world, appearing as a giant bat creature myth. In Cameroon they refer to it as Olatiau, while in Indonesia in some cultures having people call-Bati and A-hool which is a hybrid between humans and bats. But perhaps the scariest among all the stories is the story of a giant bat blood drinker who can only survive from drinking large amounts of blood even suck human blood.
Just as the story of a giant octopus, there is some truth behind the legend of a giant bat, There are fossil remains of a giant vampire bat species Desmodus named draculae, who reportedly lived in the Pleistocene era. There is something interesting about the existence of a giant vampire bat Desmodus similar appearance draculae reported that about 300 years ago, moreover, some scientists think that there is the possibility of large creatures were still alive at this time, waiting for their presence was detected in the tropical rainforest America South is still much yet to be explored. This is really a scary thought for a candidate explorer or explorer.


A Zoology, Dr. Biswamoy Bisway are currently examining the structure of the layers of the scalp is touted layer Yeti scalp.
Yeti is probably the most famous cryptid of all time, being that between being and not, as many believe it but none have concrete evidence that explains the existence of this creature. Yeti or a giant snowman has graced many researchers thought animal and also the public more than a half century. An expert Antroplogy named H Siiger believes that the Yeti is just part of the mythology of the Himalayas since the days of pre-Buddhism. This creepy about these animals is not only the size is quite large, but the shape and its form is scary and some superstition that accompany its existence, such as stating that seeing these creatures means a sign of death of the person.
When climbing high mountains in the Himalayas become popular since the 20th century a growing number of claims from people who claimed to see the apparition Yeti creature or at least the travel lanes. Even credible witnesses because their credibility Sir Edmund Hillary and the Tenzing Norgay were recorded as the first person to reach the summit of Mt Everest, reported that they saw the footprints giant. But then the thought arises Hillary skeptical stating that they could be wrong perceptions and misidentified, it could have been a trace of other wildlife such as bears or monkeys footprints large. But the expedition to find the legendary creature is still continuing to this day.


In contrast to other cryptid, no truth behind the story of a strange creature dubbed the Hodag. Hodag is a fraudulent act and fictitious person named Eugene Shepard 19th century. Shepard claimed to have managed to capture the Hodag, a monster in a very strange embodiment, has a head like the shape of a frog, the grinning face resemble an elephant, short legs and thick but has huge claws while the back of a dinosaur-like body and has a long tail which in the end tail shaped like a spear. Even a local newspaper in Wisconsin in 1893 fooled by the act of Shepard and carries news about the arrest of a strange animal in Rhinelander, Winsconsin. Even mentioned that the Hodag is a wild creature so strongly that they should kill him by using dynamite.
It seems a hoax perpetrated by Eugene Shepard is running pretty well until finally a group of scientists from the Smithsonian Instute conduct an examination of the animal creation was only Shepard. However this creature has become a symbol of the city of Rhinelander.

Black Shuck. 

For centuries phantom black dog of East Anglia has made people fear, the creature known as Black Shuck is derived from the word Scucca, Old English to the devil. If this is true it means that when seeing creatures is a bad sign. Is true because local residents stated that if you are making eye contact with the creatures you will see the glowing red eyes of Shuck then you will fall ill and soon you will die. Based on local stories that can be sized Shuck like a normal dog to a larger size than the horse, and sometimes these creatures appear without having the head.
No one can explain where the beginning of the story of Black Shuck, but this one seems cryptid is one cryptid that is born purely based on fantasy or perhaps even an excessive imagination.


Long before the arrival of Europeans to inhabit the continent of Australia, the Aborigines have stories about monsters that inhabit the marshes and ponds of water silently lurking and waiting to pounce on prey that want to swamp them. No description is appropriate to describe this one but the monster this creature called the Bunyip. Based on a 19th century book about Aborigines, stated that the tribe could not explain in detail the shape and characteristics of these creatures, but they agreed and described as something scary and creepy.
Modern explanation of the myth of these creatures, most likely originating from a giant marsupial which is probably already extinct. An animal skull at the Australian Museum in Sydney is likely Bunyip and attracts most of the visitors who come there. But experts are skeptical of the claim that the skull is a skull possibility of a calf or foal disabilities.

The Beast of Bladenboro (Beast of Bladenboro creature). 

There are allegations that the wild creatures of Bladenboro is Cougar, but a story about mythical creatures originate from public fears Bladenboro, North Carolina to scour the city streets at night, while the hunters were deployed to the forests around the city to catch an animal ( creatures) blood sucking. News about these creatures came from the testimony of a farmer saw his dog being dragged by an animal such as a cat tangible large in size, and which make it become more and more strange for the local community, about 2 days after the report of the farmer, also found the carcasses of two dogs and two The dogs seem to have run out of blood sucked by something. Not long after there were also attacks on two other dogs. It is already more than enough to create panic in the town and encourage journalists from all regions in the U.S. to cover the news about the mysterious beast that performs a series of attacks on animals.
Instead of hunting this mysterious creature, hunting has strayed into a massacre against the Bobcats (jungle cat) who hunted blindly on suspicion of being the culprit. But eventually as well as Hodag, news about The Beast of Bladenboro this is an issue that is rolled out by the mayor, where the mayor wants the town to get attention and encouragement in order to develop forward. However this issue has led to large-scale massacres of the bobcat while the mysterious death of the dogs in the city could have been caused by wild animals were starving.

Jersey Devil. 

Sketches depicting cryptid does not look creepy even impressed because of the amusing hodgepodge has a pair of tiny legs, hoof mammals but has wings like bat wings, and has a forked tail like a reptile and creature of the head and body of mammals.
But unlike the Hodag and The Beast of Bladenboro who terrorize a small town, dubbed the cryptid animals Jersey Devil to scare up almost the entire population of a major city such as New Jersey.
Creature had a face like a dog, like a body of a kangaroo, bat wings, a pair of hands and feet have claws like a hoof quadruped mammals, and has a forked tail. But among all of the details reported about creatures form the most frightening thing is the sound of the screams of the creatures. Many have claimed that this creature was the son of the devil 13. It seems that no creature more sinister than the Jersey Devil status for being the son of the devil 13.
The story about this creature began in January in the year 1909 during the week Jersey Devil sightings seen in nearly all areas of New Jersey and even up to Pennsylvania and a few other places. In the valley of the Delaware, the newspaper reports about these creatures to make the schools are closed and people are afraid to go to work. Some of the theory states that the Jersey Devil is a genus of dinosaur remains. But whatever the creature news for one week appearance in 1909 has made many people fear in the area of ​​New Jersey.

Tree Man eaters (Man-Eating Tree). 

In Indonesia there may be some people who have a fear of large trees , but the reason is supernatural . But other than that is there any thing like that can make people afraid of the tree ? Like it is not no thing that makes us afraid of trees . Right! because they look beautiful , lush , green , large , as protection from the sun and even ancient people used the tree to be their home for the home as well as other animals such as birds and squirrels
But make no mistake in South America there is a tree whose hobby carnivores devour human flesh in particular, it is based on a book by JW Buels titled "Land and Sea". Buels mentions in his book about carnivorous tree called Ya-te-Veo, Veo Ya-te-lived in the midst of the South American continent and is also located on the island of Madagascar.
But this story seems just purely a mythical tale. A scientist named Willy Ley in 1955 in writing stating that the story of the man-eating tree is just a fictional story, but good as it is meant for nature lovers everywhere do not have to worry if they go into the forest to investigate them will be swallowed by a tree that becomes where they lean when tired.
Of cryptid that it may be in this world there are many beings or animals may not be supernatural and strange looks and attractive regardless of the myth that accompanies them. In addition there might be the odd creatures or maybe even creepy out there that wait to be discovered.
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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