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Saturday, 28 December 2013

You Know About The Legend of Atlantis (The Lost World).

The Legend of Atlantis
The legend that tells the story of Atlantis , was first encountered in ancient Greek philosophy essay . Two notes dialogues of Plato (427-347 BC) the book Critias and Timaeus .
In the book Timaeus , Plato recounts , in the face of " Mainstay Haigelisi Strait , there is a very large island , from there you can go to the other islands , the islands in front of it is land entirely surrounded by ocean sea , it is the kingdom of Atlantis . When the new Atlantis will launch a major war with Athens , but unexpectedly Atlantis suddenly experienced earthquakes and floods , not until the day and night , completely submerged in the seabed .
Large countries that have a high civilization and even then vanish overnight " .
One section in the book Critias dialogue , recorded the Atlantis story told by the younger cousin Critias . Critias is a pupil of the philosopher Socrates , three times he emphasizes the existence of Atlantis in the dialogue . The story comes from an oral story that is common man Joepe Critias , while Joepe also heard from a Greek poet named Solon (639-559 BC) . Solon was the wisest among 7 all- wise ancient Greece, a time when Solon around Egypt , from the place of worship of ancestral graves to know the legend of Atlantis . Note the dialogue as below;
" There is a large inland over the Atlantic Ocean towards the western Mediterranean Sea very much , which is proud of the amazing civilization . He produces gold and silver are innumerable , the palace is surrounded by walls lined by a wall of gold and silver .  Walls are walls in the palace throne gold , brilliant and magnificent . there , the level of development of civilization amaze people . Has the port and ships with perfect equipment , there are also things that can bring people to fly . His power is not just confined to Europe , even as far away as mainland Africa . Having hit by a devastating earthquake , he drowned to the bottom of the sea and its civilization , also lost in the memories of the people " .
Mediterranean Sea
ATLANTIS is described as a civilization with a high level of technological advancement . That said , airplanes , air conditioners , batteries and others have been there at that time according to the archaeologists investigation .
According to Plato's calculations , when the sinking of the kingdom of Atlantis , approximately 11,150 years ago . Plato had said several times , the state of the kingdom of Atlantis passed down through generations . rekaannya was not alone . Plato even went to Egypt seek local monks and the famous monk at that time . Teacher of Plato is Socrates when talking about the kingdom of Atlantis also stressed , because it is real , its value is much stronger than the story that is engineered .
If all expressed Plato was indeed real , then since 12,000 years ago , human civilization has created . But where is the kingdom of Atlantis ? Since thousands of years ago people put a great interest towards this . Until the 20th century since 1960 , Bermuda sea located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, in the Bahamas , and the sea around the islands of Florida 've discovered the wonders of successive earth-shattering .

Bimini islands

One day in 1968, around the Bimini islands in the Atlantic Ocean cluster Bahama Island, the sea calm and clear like glass is bright, opaque to the bottom of the sea. Some divers on the way back to the islands of Bimini , suddenly there were shocked . At the bottom of the sea there is a big way! Some divers plunge down simultaneously , it was also a major road stretches composed of a giant rock . It is a major road that was built using stone rectangle and polygon , stone size and thickness are not the same , but the preparation is very neat , bright contours . Is this a postal road kingdom of Atlantis ?
By 1979 , American and French scientists with highly sophisticated instruments devices find the pyramid on the seabed " triangle of death " Bermuda sea . The length of the pyramid approximately 300 meters , a height of approximately 200 meters , the peak of the pyramid with the surface of the ocean is only 100 meters , larger than the Egyptian pyramids . The bottom of the pyramid there are two giant holes , sea water with amazing speed flow in the bottom of the hole . The great pyramid , is built by the people of Atlantis ? Atlan royal forces never conquered Egypt , whether the civilization of Atlantis brought to the Egyptian pyramids ? American continent there are also pyramids , whether derived from Egypt or from the kingdom of Atlantis ?
In 1985 , two Norwegian sailors discover an ancient city beneath the sea area " triangle of death " . In the photos made by both of them , there are plains , roads large vertical and horizontal as well as the hall , dome -roofed houses , arenas complaints [ animals ] , temples , river banks and others. They both said , " Absolute trust , which we find is the continent of the Atlantic ! Same exactly as Plato described ! " Is that correct ? Which is unfortunate , Bermuda triangle pyramid seabed , successfully investigated over the surface of the sea by using sophisticated instruments, until now no one scientist can determine whether a building is actually built by human labor , as it may be an underwater mountain peak pyramid-shaped .
Photo relics of ancient buildings on the sea floor taken Russian expedition team , also can not prove there is former kingdom of Atlantis . After that no expedition team dives into the ocean floor stone path in the depths of the Atlantic island of Bimini, take a sample of "street rock" and done research laboratory and analyzed.
The results show , that this stone path has not reached the age of 10,000 years . If the road is made ​​by nations the kingdom of Atlantis , at least not less than 10,000 years old . Regarding the photos shown both the Norwegian sailor, until now was not able to prove anything.
The only conclusion that can be obtained is precisely true that there is a land sank in the Atlantic seabed . If it is true over the Atlantic ocean kingdom of Atlantis ever existed , and the kingdom of Atlantis is completely submerged in the Atlantic seabed , the seabed in the Atlantic certainly traces can be found . Until now , the kingdom of Atlantis remains a mystery of all time .
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