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Friday, 27 December 2013

You have to be careful , Trivial Things It Can Cause Cancer.

Cancer is a disease that is feared by many people . The causes of cancer could be anything , even unconscious stuff that is close to our daily life can be a cause of cancer . Trivial things like detergent or white bread and chips may cause cancer .
Things like what can cause cancer ;

Laundry soap or detergent.

Not unexpectedly turns detergents can cause cancer , this is due to the presence of 1,4 - dioxane with the threat level 3 . Although detergent can eliminate stubborn stains dibaju , it also left a toxic chemical in the same place . Like what is evidenced by the Environmental Working Group , the U.S. in 2011 .
In that study found the presence of 1,4 - dioxane in the soap . Actually, this content does not cause cancer in humans , but can lead to liver tumors and respiratory systems of mice . The content of 1,4 - dioxane is not listed in the detergent label because this is not a waste of detergent composition itself.
In anticipation of these cleaners use more eco-friendly clothing . Detergent or note the label that you will use when Polyethylene , Polyethylene glycol , PEG , polyoxyethylene or other composition that ends oxynoi and eth usually contain dioxane .

Wrinkle -free clothes.

Formaldehyde but can make no wrinkled clothes was also dangerous because there is evidence that formaldehyde can cause cancer in the human nose and respiratory system in any form . And even more dangerous if my friend using formaldehyde containing multiple items at once , it can pose a higher risk . There is no safe level of exposure to these compounds .
In anticipation of these reduce contact between the skin and clothing is by re- using ordinary shirt . But if it is still often wear wrinkle-free clothing made in advance to be sure to wash the clothes because, according to the California Environmental Protection Agency emisis it can reduce up to 60 percent formaldehyde .

Fries , Chips and Bread.

 Fries , Chips and Bread Acrylamide chemical compounds contained therein . These compounds typically used to treat wastewater .
According to Timothy Fennell, Ph, D director of the division of toxicology RTI International ," When high carbohydrate foods processed with this kind of high temperature, the amino acid asparagine reacts with sugars in food and forming acrylamide" .
When the body reacts to the acrylamide can cause DNA mutations that could increase the risk of cancer . To anticipate choose a meal that can be processed in a short time with a low temperature . If forced to frying , try not to get too charred . In addition try soaking potatoes before frying in the water for two hours . According to experts from the UK , this method can reduce the buildup of acrylamide in potato by more than half .

Glass or Styrofoam box of food.

We are already very familiar at all with Styrofoam , when the material is quite dangerous for our bodies . Because Styrofoam materials are styrene that can trigger chemical compounds that can damage DNA. According to David Andrews, Ph.D. , of the Environmental Working Group to anticipate this to avoid various kinds of products made of Styrene including coffee cups , and most importantly, not to heat food in styrofoam or box made ​​of polystyrene food containers , particularly food fat can trigger the release of Styrene .
To be able to tell if a plastic box of food containing polystyrene or not is to look for the number " 6 " at the bottom of the box , if there is then most likely the lunch box containing polystyrene .

Red Rice.

Brown rice with certain brands found to contain chemical compounds of arsenic . Usually these compounds are found in a variety of weapons to battle like a gun or rifle . According to Michael Hansen , Ph.D. , senior researcher at Consumers Union , the U.S. , Arsenic can disrupt DNA repair system of a person's body , so when the cells are damaged and its DNA can not be repaired , it can make it susceptible to mutations that can cause cancer .
To anticipate advisable to first wash the brown rice before cooking . When eating out try to restrict consume foods made from rice or rice into two portions a week only.

Electric cigarettes.

Electric cigarettes can also cause cancer risk in part this is because there are electric cigarettes that contain nitrosamines. The FDA found that nitrosamines contained in a particular electric cigarette products .
Well, from now on be careful in consuming or using the material presented above. This is to avoid cancer is so feared by many people .
Thank you for reading this article.   Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. 
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