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Watching the Whale Migration in Sydney Australia.

Watching the Whale Migration in Sydney Australia.

Humpback whales began to appear along the east coast of Australia , in conjunction with their annual migration schedule towards the northern hemisphere . Whale watching tours also got a lot of takers .
Not surprisingly , both tourists and local residents crowded the beach to watch the papal entourage .
The prohibition of whaling is very influential in raising the number of mammal populations . In 1996 , according to research by the National Park , there are only 242 humpback whales . At present , the whale population has reached 7 thousand heads . So much easier to see the animal herd .
" We may not be able to see this herd at the beginning and end of the season , but there is a 99 percent chance in the middle of the season , we could see them , " said Richard Ford , owner of Whale Watching Sydney . He provides services to Sydney whale watching since ten years ago .
Japan is currently trying to lobby the International Whaling Council to allow hunting of whales ( whaling ) commercial .
Japanese ships hunting minke whales in the Southern Ocean for research reasons , but it turns out there are 5 thousand tons of whale meat sold at the fish market . This makes the Australian Government is not happy .
The ongoing protests from activists aboard Australia , Sea Shepherd , causing Japan pope shorten the hunting season this year . The result , " only " 506 whales were caught from the target 850 , according to the ABC report .
Australia has filed a lawsuit in international courts regarding whaling in the Southern Ocean . But the verdict of the Hague will be out in 2013 .

More chance of seeing whales

A humpback whale appeared off the coast of Sydney . Is the passenger ship too close ? During this migration , vessels are prohibited within 300 feet of a calf .
" As fishing vessels , we rely on a lot of variables to find the whale as the whale watchers on the shore , the waves analysis - a lot of factors , " said Ford .
Whales are warm-blooded mammals . They migrate to tropical waters to mate , usually in Hervey Bay off the coast of Queensland . There, tours whale watchers can also be found .
They then returned to the south , to the warm currents around October - the end of the season saw the pope in Sydney .
Whales are rarely seen Southern Rite also migrated north of Sydney , but will not go far beyond Queensland .
" We saw there were 17 ( Pope Southern Rite ) last year , " said Ford .
Now , humpback whales were headed for warmer waters in the Coral Sea , utilizing the current in the direction of north , approximately 5 km from the beach . Even the whale watchers on the beach could see a glimpse of the whale into the water or wagging their tails .
Whale-watching tour has become an industry , said Ford .
" What other city can offer a three -hour whale watching from the edge of the harbor ? " he added .
Likewise , there is no guarantee the pope will always be visible . Many ships were returned to the dock without any hint of whales .

See whales in Sydney

Traveling back and forth from Darling Harbour , Circular Quay and Manly Wharf , every day $ 60 ( small boats ) , $ 80 ( large vessel ) .
Whale Watching Sydney , morning and afternoon tours depart from Darling Harbour and Circular Quay , $ 75 ( $ 67.50 online ) .
Both offer group rates and family discounts .

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