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Friday, 20 December 2013

Understanding the Internet that we must learn

Understanding the Internet that we must learn . By knowing sense of internet we will come to know and understand what it is about the
internet . Maybe you already use the internet every day routine . But do you know what is meant by the internet . Here we present an interesting article on the internet understanding . May be useful .

Understanding interent .

Understanding the Internet in general ( the language ) is a collection of computer networks that are connected and work as a system . While understanding the Internet in particular is a world's largest computer network because the network connecting all computers in the world . While the network is a way to connect multiple computers so that each computer is in it can interact and share resources .

Composer Components Internet .

The World Wide Web.
The World Wide Web is a system which is abbreviated as WWW Internet servers that support hypertex applications to access multiple Internet protocol interfaces . Almost all existing protocols on the Internet can be accessed via the Web. Including e-mail, FTP, Telnet and Usenet News.


Electronic letter , or email , is a service which allows userkomputer both local and non- local to exchange messages . Each email user has a mailbox (mailbox ) that is used to store e-mail addressed to the user . Messages sent via email can be received in a matter of seconds .

Telnet .

Telnet is a program to log into another computer on the Internet so that you can access online databases , library catalogs , chat services , and 48 more. To telnet to another computer , the computer needs to know the address . This address is in the form of words ( eg mail.uns.ac.id ) or numeric
( )


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol . FTP is the program and the method used to transfer files from one computer to another in internet. Situs FTP contains books ( e -books ) , article software , games , images and all files on the computer can be transferred via FTP . The computer connects to the Internet with an Ethernet cable can use FTP software , such as WS_FTP , Cute FTP or Windows Commander for windows for easier file transfer .

Mailing List .

One of the advantages to be gained from the internet is the opportunity to communicate with each other by using email . The Internet is a big place for community discussion of a particular topic that is distributed via
email. A container for collecting emails in a particular community is to Mailing List or also called discussion groups .

Usenet News .

Usenet news is a discussion in which millions of computer systems to exchange information on many topics . The major difference between Usenet news and mailing lists is that usenet messege stored on a central computer ( server ) , and the user must be connected to the computer .
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