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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Tribes in Sulawesi Wearing Korean alphabet.

When the K - Pop wave struck , Cia - Cia tribe in Bau - Bau Sulawesi may have no difficulty understanding the Korean language writing . Ethnic minorities with a population of approximately 80,000 inhabitants wear Hangeul characters . The government even officially acknowledge and certify the adoption of Hangeul ( Korean Alphabet ) by the Cia - Cia tribe minorities .

When the K - Pop wave struck , Cia - Cia tribe in Bau - Bau Sulawesi may have no difficulty understanding the Korean language writing .

Do not get me wrong , it does not mean Cia - Cia tribe wear Korean language . They have their own native language . The problem is their native language are being abandoned because of trouble when I had to be written with the Latin alphabet Indonesian . Hangeul was selected , this script can be written in their native language more accurately .
Also not mean Hangeul alphabet has taught down through the generations in Cia tribe . Indeed this new application . Hopefully, using Hangeul alphabet can be used again to restore the original language .
For the sake of preserving the Cia - Cia language , Abidin , an English teacher of SMAN 6 Bau - Bau , who assisted professor of Seoul National University ( SNU ) Lee Ho Nam keen to provide training Hangeul writing letters to teachers . At least up to now has 20 elementary and secondary teachers who received training city Hangeul script writing .
Not only that , with Prof. Lee Ho and Lee Young Ho Nam , Abidin compiled language textbooks Cia - Cia Hangeul script writing format . The book entitled Book Cia - Cia I was a student handbooks for grades 4, 5 , and 6.
Any one of 20 teachers who have passed the training that is La Ali , a teacher at SDN 2 Bugi , Bau - Bau . As Cia -Cia people , Ali was still fluent Cia - Cia tribe . In 2012, Ali was re-elected to attend short courses in the South of Hangeul script writing . He set off with three other teachers Bau - Bau . For two months they learn Korean , Hangeul alphabet , as well as the Cia - Cia language at Hankuk University , Seoul , South Korea .

Name of street wear in Bau Bau wears Korean language.

Of course , Ali came to know some alphabet Hangeul characters are judged not according to the Cia - Cia language . For example , in Korean there is no air- consonant letters "gh" , while the Cia -Cia language there. Because of this , Ali proposed a supplemental script for " gh " is shaped like the number seven with a point in the middle of the curve .
" I ask for extra " gh " and they agreed , " he said . Examples of words using the consonant " gh " is ghabu which means a significant or ghato arrived .
In addition, continued Ali , in Korean there is no consonant " w " . Korean sounding the " w " by combining the letters " o " and other letters . So , for example, to the sound of " wa " , Hangeul script does not consist of the letters " w " and "a" , but " o " and "a" .
At Hankuk University , Ali and his friends had the opportunity to teach at one of the junior high school in Seoul . In particular junior men , it appeared that Cia - Cia language is also taught .
Increasingly widespread use of Hangeul alphabet after the Department of Education , Youth , and Sports of Bau-Bau put it in the local curriculum in elementary school recently. For students , Hangeul characters are very interesting. The student is eager to accept the Cia - Cia language lessons. In addition, many students are often noted social studies with alphabet Hangeul .
" It's easier to read and funny letter . Hangeul Writing letters fun , " said Sumiarti , 5 th grader Bugi State 2 .

At first glance Hangeul.

In the past , Koreans use Chinese characters ( Hanja ) . Because he said different language difficulties often occur when having to write literature in Korean.

Hangeul was created by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty in 1443 .

 King Sejong is a leader and scientist , and pioneer culture . Through many years hard effort , he examines the basic unit of Korean language uses its own merits on linguistic and finally managed to put it in the form of letters , Hunminjeongeum . This is the forerunner of Hangeul .
Hangeul was created by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty in 1443 . The funny thing is this script rejected Korean society . It was only in the late 18th century began to be accepted and become popular.
As a warning for services Sejong South Korea's population is now celebrating Literacy Day ( Alphabet Day ) . Statue of King Sejong stands majestically in the downtown park .
Hangeul alphabet consists of 24 letters ( jamo ) - 14 consonants (consonants) and 10 vowels (vocal) . Compared to other nations alphabet, Hangeul is not based on a written language or imitating other characters , yet uniquely Korean . Moreover, Hangeul is a writing system that is scientific , based on deep linguistic knowledge and philosophical principles that make it practical , easy to learn , and attractive.
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