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Friday, 6 December 2013

Suggestion : Do Familiarize Warm Water Bath In The Morning.

How often do you shower warm water in the morning ? If the answer is every day you should change that habit . In the morning the cold water bath is recommended as more benefits.
While the occasional hot bath should be done if the body is too tired at night as a warm bath efficacious relax muscles , relieve stress and overcome insomsia .
Meanwhile, when you need the spirit to start the morning commute , you should wash with cold water .
Warm water does have benefits for muscle relaxation and mind , as well as treating insomnia . But when it's done every day and excessive , then you also will feel bad risk. On page authors give posts some risk if too frequent warm baths .

1 . Enlarge the pores .

To clean dirt and oil from the face , a warm bath can indeed help . But if you do not terminate a hot bath with cold water , then your pores will open and getting wider , leading to easy formation of acne .

2 . Lower sperm quality .

Bathe or shower with warm water is not good for the testes . Based on the 2007 study , soak for 30 minutes in a tub of warm or hot water can decrease sperm production . But this negative effect is reversible ( can change ) .
Exposure warm or hot water can negatively affect sperm because sperm takes a long time to mature . The best known sperm development in cold environments , this is why the testes located outside the human body , which is in the scrotum .

3 . Harm the fetus .

Warm bath is actually not a problem for women who are pregnant , but that needs to be considered is the temperature . When the water temperature is too high then the activity could harm the baby shower . High temperatures , especially in early pregnancy can cause birth defects in offspring born .
Converse with cold water , especially in the morning it gives benefits to the skin and blood vessels such as :

4 . Creating a better blood circulation .

If the warm water makes the blood flow moving towards the skin , the cold water makes the blood flow to the organs . More cold water bath improves blood circulation system . Good blood circulation can avoid many serious diseases such as hypertension , hardening of the arteries and the appearance of varicose veins . This can be practiced with a warm water bath preceded and terminated with cold water .

5 . Skin radiant and ageless .

Shrinks and closes the pores with cold water to prevent the entry of dirt and oil that can clog pores and cause skin imperfections such as acne . Another benefit , a cold shower can reduce the swelling of the blood vessels that lead to the emergence of dark circles under the eyes . By doing so , a cold shower can make skin radiant, healthy and youthful .

6 . Making healthy hair .

Cold water can make hair healthy and radiant as it can close the cuticle to make hair stronger and prevents dirt accumulate on the scalp . By closing the pores will make the hair stronger when combed , thus preventing hair loss and also slow the growth of gray hair .

7 . Giving spirit in the morning .

In the days of the ancient samurai , warriors always poured cold water on the head every morning by practicing Misogi . It is a purification ritual on a spiritual level . According to the soldier , a cold shower can encourage , help start the day fresh and new adventures . Cold water obviously helps waking people still feel sleepy in the morning. Thank you for reading this article .
Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno. sunarnobambang86@gmail.com
name: Bambang Sunarno.
DatePublished: December 6, 2013 at 15:15
Tag : Suggestion : Do Familiarize Warm Water Bath In The Morning.