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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Never Give Up , The Blind Girl Using Lip Reading.

When he wants to achieve the goal and hit the wall , what to do ?
Successful people will find another way to overcome obstacles . And that is what Tsang Tsz - Kwan , the blind girl in Hong Kong .
Since young he could not see and experience a severe hearing loss . He also has a condition in which the tip of his fingers which makes it insensitive can not feel the bulge dots in Braille .

This girl uses lip reading

This condition makes it unyielding , the 20-year -old girl find an alternative way to read Braille , using her lips .
" In the 1st grade , I realized that he was always leaning forward , " said Mee - Lin Chiu , one of the teachers at Ebenezer School & Home for children who have vision problems - which is the only school for children with special needs in Hong Kong is specifically intended for the visually impaired child .
" He told me it was done because he was able to read more clearly by using his lips than with his hands . "
Tsang himself admits that , "I know this is not the usual approach and looks weird. Fact I do not know how to get like this," he said, calling the way it is" a miracle."
Although Tsang probably not the first to use the lips to read Braille , he became a rare case .
" This is the first time I hear about someone who successfully uses the lips , " says Diane Wormsely , professor at North Carolina Central University who specializes in education for the visually impaired . Chiu also said that Tsang was the only student in the Ebenezer who use their lips - and is the only case he knew happened in Hong Kong .


However , with lip reading Braille is not without its challenges .
" At first , no one can take it , " said Tsang . " Even today , many people consider it strange . This could lead to an embarrassing thing when I read in public places and in front of people who are not close to me . "
Read Braille with her ​​lips also cause problems because of the practicality of books in Braille usually large and heavy .
However, Tsang said he was " grateful " to still have a way to learn about the world through writing .
Reading is one of his penchant for leisure .
He also believes that he can overcome the shortcomings with hard work , determination and a desire to go beyond their comfort zone to encourage him .
" Without the courage to challenge myself , of course, not possible to achieve success , " he said .

Exit comfort zone.

At Ebenezer , he attended classes only contains by 10 students, who are both experiencing a shortage that makes them easily make friends . All teaching materials are made available in Braille and specially trained teachers to deal with children with visual impairment .
However, in Grade 7 , Tsang decided to leave his comfort zone and moved to Ebenezer public junior high , because he wanted to immerse himself into a real- life environment .
" I have to facilitate the adaptation period to the middle of my community when I finish my studies and have to go to work , " he said .
The transition to school in girls' school in Hong Kong Ying Wa is not always easy. Classes there is much greater and the teachers do not get special training to deal with students with visual impairments . Tsang must submit all written teaching materials to Ebenezer or Hong Kong Society for the Blind to be translated into Braille . He said, read and write made ​​him have to spend twice as long compared to his school friends .

The transition to school in girls ' school in Hong Kong Ying Wa is not always easy .

 He realizes that he must be more independent and have a greater desire to express feelings and needs to the school staff and other students who welcomed his presence , but not accustomed to dealing with blind students .
One teacher , Kwong Ho - Ka , said that over time the staff at the school to learn when to step in to help Tsang .
" If he needed something , he would tell us , " Kwong said , adding that Tsang is very independent walking around school without assistance , using a cane and walking stairs and use the stairs unassisted .
Kwong , who looks very fond Tsang , Tsang said that despite never booed his friends , social integration is a process that runs in stages .
" He has friends , but he was not part of some large group of friends . Example , a group of women may talk about pop culture , but it may be difficult for him to get in a conversation like that .
He may not recognize who is talking and he was not familiar with pop culture . "

So student achievement.

Tsang unyielding efforts of sweet fruit in the end , he got the highest score in a variety of fields of study subjects such as Chinese , English and Liberal Studies . However , he himself was surprised to find this .
" I was very surprised and excited when I heard that my values ​​for some of the subjects exceeded my expectations , " he said .
" I feel my hard work finally paid off this year . " she said .
To achieve college success with hard work , making Tsang true to his philosophy of life that had been held .
" Discomfort and limitations ( my disability ) will follow me throughout my life , and I must have the courage to face this reality . I would be grateful for what I still have. " he added .
" I want to encourage everyone to have the courage and perseverance to go through all the ups and downs in our lives because I know everyone has difficulties of its own , But one thing is certain : where there's a will , there's a way . "
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