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Friday, 27 December 2013

Did You Know Reasons it is Important Blood Test.

 Reasons it is Important Blood TestThere are many assumptions , that the function of the blood test is not only to determine the blood type . Therefore only once , and usually for the purpose of taking care of any identity card . In fact, regular blood tests are also important to monitor the health of the body .
So it's not just the testers cholesterol , gout , or diabetes . Because there are certain diseases that do not cause symptoms , but can be detected through a blood test . Here the author will explain the reasons why the importance of blood tests .

Calculate the Total Blood.

The total amount of blood will tell all the body's vital statistics . For example , the amount of hemoglobin to determine whether or not you are suffering from anemia , platelet counts to determine blood clots and white blood cells in the body to determine infection .


If you have an infection , hepatitis or syphilis , you should run regular blood tests . This is because the disease is not congenital .


Deadly virus Human Immunodeficiency Virus can only be found through a routine blood test . Blood tests early , will make people more alert and know what to do treatment .

Blood sugar.

Diabetes can indeed be seen from some of the symptoms , such as thirst , tiredness and sleepy easily . Even so , keep blood sugar is still needed , the goal is to monitor blood sugar levels .


Many young people who suffer from thyroid or thyroid disorders . It is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle . Thus, by performing regular blood tests thyroid symptoms can be detected early.


Cancer is often detected through blood tests normal . If the amount of abnormal hemoglobin , or white blood cells high , this could indicate the growth of carcinoma or cancer cells in the body .
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