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Did you know Google Doodle Parachute Display of First Story.

If you open the Google home page today will see an interesting animation about a parachute . This is the first time the date of André - Jacques Garnerin skydiving first time 216 years ago .

 Google Doodle Parachute Display
André - Jacques Garnerin , born January 31, 1769 recorded history as an inventor and a pioneer of modern parachute technology . Dated October 22, 1797 Garnerin flew up with a hot air balloon , then jump from a height of 900 meters . He successfully operate a homemade parachute results to land safely .
Surely he was not the first to make a parachute come true . Louis- Sébastien Lenormand parachute did an experiment in 1783 . He made ​​a parachute out of wood . While Garnerin wear linen . And this is what remains of linen used until now . That is why the man from Paris is crowned the ' Father ' of modern parachute .

André - Jacques Garnerin

Garnerin flew up with a hot air balloon , then jump from a height of 900 meters .

Garnerin flew up with a hot air balloon

Da Vinci's parachute sketch

Looking further back , the idea of man falls from the air ever made ​​by Leonardo Da Vinci . Similarly, the Italian scientist , Fausto Veranzio , which in the 16th century was also trying to think the same concept about the parachute . However , da Vinci and Fauzto Veranzio never been able to realize a real parachute invention .
André - Jacques Garnerin is that it manages to make a parachute once practiced usefulness . After conducting various experiments into captivity during the outbreak of the first period of the Napoleonic Wars (1792-1797) , André - Jacques Garnerin finally had the opportunity to do his first jump .
André - Jacques Garnerin died in Paris on August 18, 1823 at the age of 54 years . Tragically , the inventor of the parachute final exhale after an accident falling beam when André - Jacques Garnerin are working to make a hot air balloon in his office .

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