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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Did You Know About Mystery Creatures Subtle Inside the Human Body.

The existence of facts Creatures Subtle

Mystery Creatures Subtle Inside the Human BodyTo sit Yourself - According to the teachings of any religion or belief , humans are creatures of the Lord, because the universe and its contents , including animals and supernatural beings have been created far in advance . With that , the spirits or supernatural beings are more numerous than humans , and they occupy a different dimension where humans can not see with our five senses , so they are likely to be easier for humans to disturb or tease .
Humans can not see with the eye apparition of spirits , except with the subtle senses as well , namely with hearts or our inner . If by chance we ever see fairies directly ( not on TV ) with our eyes , it is true that our hearts have seen it , that is when our hearts were active . When in fact we continue to be active 24 hours , but because we never pay attention to our mind we feel that our mind is not active .
And our hearts will only be active if we often practice in our daily activities along with the heart or mind . So that our mind can be activated automatically, we must diligently notice. If our mind is often overlooked, then he will always be a part in all our activities , for example, the heart will always be warned if there is a fault in ourselves . Another example , if we see a ghost who accidentally like that , it's actually our inner being contributed to provide information about the ghost in front of us . So instead of our bodies are active , but we are also active mind . This is a small overview of the role of the heart or mind in our lives , about the role of the real inner very big and spacious , and I was not able to explain it .
For those who are Muslims one of the most effective ways to train the heart to be active in daily life is getting used to dhikr ( remembering ) to Allah with inner staring us in 24 hours , even when sleep the dhikr of the heart will continue automatically if already accustomed .

Subtle creature in existence Facts In Human Body.

In the human body there are many spirits or ghosts who dwell , we just do not know or can not see it , so we did not feel fear . But we are more afraid of the ghosts that are outside our body , for example, we see a ghost in front of there or under the tree . Whereas in our own bodies there are many ghosts who were hiding there , and the ghost that resides in our bodies just as bad as the ghosts that roam everywhere .
Humans themselves are spirits who are residing in our bodies , one of which is our own soul that sometimes dreaming , and dreaming that our soul , in addition to the other fine officers supplied by God for us .
Have you changed properties ? It used to be quiet now grumpy . It used to be shy now have no shame . It used to be diligent now slacker . It used to be honest now like to lie . That's the impact of the presence of spirits that dwell in our bodies , he brings a strong influence and control our minds . The most powerful negative impact is easily attracted to the opposite sex This is the strongest temptation ghost and human intruders do not feel that has teased the ghosts or demons .
How do I fix this ? Easy but difficult . Easy , because just by looking at the ghosts , he would immediately go immediately . Difficult , because we do not know how to see spirits who are lurking in our bodies .
This is what we are peeled together so that we are not controlled by a ghost . In a sense we are trying to get rid of the ghosts from the outside , so it's not that the spirits of our own soul in the Java language , commonly called Sedulur Papat Limo Pancer AnĂªm Nyowo Sukmo Pitu , if that 's ourselves , so do not be expelled.
So ghosts from the outside is what we send them out , that is the real ghost ugly face . Well , now let us try to practice expel the ghosts of our body . In principle , if the ghost was seen by us , then he would go straight . Easy but difficult is not it?


When you go to bed , lie down relaxed , lest crushed body parts , just the position of the body should be fresh , not stiff . With the intention of submitting to God .


Refer to myself " Oh God , I beg hint " that's it , not too long later his prayer because our minds run into issues another request .


Note the precise point two fingers below the navel to read Laa illaha Ilallah continuously in the liver until drowsiness arrive , and usually takes an hour or two you will feel the movement of nature, then you should remain calm dhikr of Allah , then you will feel your life as revoked , and after that take a look at who's out . At this stage you will believe it turns out there has been a ghost that had long lives within our bodies . You will see the alien creature God lifted from your body . Usually you will wake up from nature dhikr due to strong vibration when the lifting of the ghosts from your body .
Do this as often as possible , preferably before bed each , because there are other ghosts that have not been seen by us because of the different dimensions higher than the previous ghost . You will also see new ghosts who want to enter , or ghost passing around your bed . Sometimes , you will see the atmosphere outside the house while you sleep . In addition to expel the ghosts that go out of our bodies , the more important is this habit will make us feel our closeness to Allah , and that favors that can not be traded .
God will provide guidance to anyone requesting guidance , including us. The story above will only be realized if God granted , and if God has not granted then we are obliged to continue to beg and plead instructions continue until whenever.
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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DatePublished: December 18, 2013 at 18:34
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