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Friday, 27 December 2013

Did You Know About the Benefits of Rice Water For Beauty?

Benefits rice water.

Rice water should not be taken lightly because there are many benefits for beauty . To get a clear skin and bright is often a lot of women who try a variety of skin whitening products are quite expensive . Actually to get a clear and bright skin does not need a lot of money because you can use rice water .

Water rice.

Rice water can be obtained when you cook rice , usually before cooked rice washed , wash water from the rice you can use to beautify the skin and can also for health drinks .
If you want to know how to apply and what are the benefits of the rice water , please read this article .

Clean face and Slows premature aging.

To get a clean face you can use rice water to the toner . Dip cotton in rice water then pat in the face area as a toner , after that wash your face . Rice in water containing inositol is useful to help slow the progression of cells and premature aging . Do this every day 2 times in order to facilitate the circulation of blood in the face . The rice water also has benefits for moisturizing and can also serve to antioxidants in the skin .

Benefits to Strengthen Hair rice water.

Besides being able to make a clean face , rice water can also make hair stronger . After using shampoo and then pour the rice water in the hair . Take a few minutes then rinse thoroughly . The content of protein in rice is able to strengthen a fragile piece of hair and also repair damaged hair shaft .

Cleaning the skin.

The skin of the body can also be made beautiful and clean water using rice. By using the rice water is able to cleanse the skin from germs, stains and skin problems. The trick is to soak rice with water for 15 minutes 2 times a day then after a few weeks you will find the skin has improved
as much as 20 % .

The Healthy Beverage.

Rice water can also be a healthful beverage of your body , of course the water the rice has been cooked . Rice in water contained 8 essential amino acids that can help to regenerate cells and muscle . It also can provide additional energy .
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DatePublished: December 27, 2013 at 16:29
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